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Savvy Shopper: How Consumers Use Their Smartphones to Shop

Shoppers today are savvier than ever thanks to their smartphones. From price checks to store locations, consumers are equipped with all the information they need right at their fingertips! It is believed that 79 percent of consumers use a smartphone as a shopping aid, with 17 percent of people doing so more than once a week!

Most smartphone shoppers use their phone as an additional resource of product information. Forty-four percent of people use their phone to find promotional offers. Many stores offer online deals through apps and email promotions that can be easily accessed on a smartphone. Keep an eye out for these offers and keep your smartphone handy to access great savings.

The most common practice for smartphone shoppers is in-store price comparisons. Appliances are the items most researched before purchase, followed closely by electronics. Double checking your purchase price against the store across the other side of the mall is a great way to save money and time.

Why take the time to look for a clerk when most of the information you need is available at your fingertips? Studies show that one in three shoppers use a smartphone to answer an in-store question instead of asking a store employee. Half of all smartphone shoppers are reported to use their phone for 15-plus minutes per store visit.

It's not surprising to learn that consumers prefer using mobile versions of sites rather than downloadable apps, but whatever the method used to search out savings and product info, it's clear you should consider keeping your smartphone close at hand on your next trip to the mall.

Savvy Shopper - How Consumers Use Their Smartphones to Shop

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