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It's no secret that we have a passion for do-it-yourself appliance repair or that we're almost always looking for ways to help you save a few bucks! This Halloween we decided to combine our two favorite interests to bring you some awesome thrifty costumes that are sure to make you the hit of the party. Instead of heading to your nearest dress-up shop, this year we want you to make your own costume by following our state-of-the-art, DIY guide to major home appliances costume ideas!

These ideas are sure to enlighten your imagination and get your creative juices flowing while challenging your crafty side.

Matching Appliances

People love matching appliances in their home almost as much as matching appliance Halloween costumes! Siblings, best friends, couples or those of you who just like to match - this costume is for you! To make a pair of matching appliances all you will basically need is some cardboard boxes which you can get for free at major retail stores.

Washer, dryer, laundrey basket costumes

People love matching appliances in their home almost as much as matching appliance Halloween costumes! Siblings, best friends, couples or those of you who just like to match - this costume is for you! To make a pair of matching appliances all you will basically need is some cardboard boxes which you can get for free at major retail stores.

General Guidelines

For fridge's you'll need a slightly taller box. For stoves, dryers, washing machines, and dishwashers, you will need shorter wider boxes.

  1. Paint the boxes white and cut out the bottoms.
  2. Try on the box and cut out arm holes and a hole for the head .
  3. Paint paper towel and toilet paper rolls silver and glue them on for door handles where ever necessary.

For fridges you can either leave the "freezer door" open or cut a hole in the top so the head is popping out. Slit the top and side so the doors open and to separate the fridge and freezer doors.

Washer, Dryer and Laundry Basket

For a group of three, a washer, dryer and laundry basket costume might do the trick. This is a pretty easy costume to make and should only take about 2 hours.

After you cut out the bottom and make holes for the arms and head, cut a round hole in the front. For the washer fill a big Ziploc bag with a little bit of water, add soap to make it bubbly and a bright colored sock or two as well. With some strong packing tape, secure the bag tightly around the whole on the inside of the box. You can do the same for a dryer using dryer sheets and some light clothing.

Use markers to add the knobs and logos and glue or tape to secure an empty soap container and dryer sheet box to the top of each appliance. One extra step would be to add a control panel on top of the washer and dryer with a piece of cardboard.

For the laundry basket, grab one at the dollar store and cut the bottom out of it. Using some strong string or rope, tie the basket around the person's waist (add padding to the rope for more comfort). Throw in some messy looking clothes and your costume is complete!

Washer, dryer, laundrey basket costumes

Bun in the Oven

The bun in the oven is costume is perfect for expecting parents but can be worn by absolutely anyone! It's also a really unique and hilarious way to share your big news with family and friends at the annual Halloween party.

Cut arm and head holes out of a regular box and paint it white to get started. Use pipe cleaners rolled around as the burners and paint knobs on the front and a little bun in the "glass" of the door. You could even cut a door that is able to be open with a real little bread bun inside or to make it really obvious you could paint the words "I've got a bun in the oven" on the door of your oven. The only thing the chef will need is an apron and chef hat with the words "the bun maker" written on the front. For a realistic touch, dust a little baking flower on the chef's cheeks and clothes.

Bun in the oven costume Bun in the oven costume

Frozen Head in the Freezer

The frozen head in the fridge is about as scary as appliance costumes get. Cut down the left side of the box to make the "doors" and add a piece of cardboard on the bottom of the "freezer" section to go around the person's neck. Paint the inside of the freezer and the rest of the box white.

Frozen freezer head costume

There aren't usually any holes for arems for this costume. If going trick-or-treating be careful walking around and glue an empty ice cream container in the freezer section to hold the candy. You may also want to glue a few ordinary items that might be on top of your refrigerator such as empty cereal boxes or even a stuffed kitty.

The final touch is to make the head look frozen. Apply grayish paint all over the face and neck and along the base of the neck you want to add some fake blood. Tease and add some of the grey paint to your hair to make the entire head appear completely frozen. Ta-da! You have yourself a frozen head in the fridge.

The Microwave Head

To make the microwave head the only thing you'll need is a smaller box that is just the right size to fit over your head. Cut along three edges to make the door. Paint the box, draw on a front window, buttons and add a handle. Like the frozen head in the freezer costume, the face needs to be painted to look the part. Add different shades of red all over the face to make it look hot and burnt.

The Running Refrigerator

Running fridge costume

The running refrigerator is a great costume idea if you want to be an appliance for Halloween but don't want to sacrifice mobility. The main difference with this costume is how small the box is. You want to choose a box that is about the same size as your body. It should come just below the neck and just above the waist.

Since this costume was invented for the stealthiest of us, don't bother creating "doors" and just add a seam down the center with duct tape. Then add the handles and any fridge pictures or letters as you see necessary. The final touch for this costume is to tape an old extension cord on the inside of the box where it won't be seen.

The Mad Chef Costume

The mad chef costume may take a little more time than most of these DIY Halloween costumes to make but the spooky surprise will be well worth it!

Create an oven costume similar to the one we described for a 'Bun in the Oven' but make the holes for your arms and legs toward the very back of the box, leaving lots of room to display the 'inside of the oven'. Cut a small square out of the front to serve at the door window and tightly tape a clear plastic bag over the whole thing. Line the inside of the oven with tin foil to make it reflective and shinny. Pick up an old doll at a thrift store and to make it creepy, melt reddish shades of candle wax over the face and hair of the doll. Place it in the oven for the ultimate creepy Halloween look. If you're feeling extra crafty you could even try attaching some fancy light work to the inside, to create a look similar to the scary video below.

To complete the Mad Chef look, get a chef's hat for the costume wearer!

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Appliance Related Costume Ideas for pets!

We couldn't leave our furry friends out of the mix either, so here are two pictures of appliance inspired costumes for your pets.

Halloween costumes for pets Halloween costumes for pets

From everyone here at we wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

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