Holiday Stain Removal Guide Infographic

The holidays are a food-filled time of year. Between all the parties, turkey-cooking, and pie-baking, there are more than a few reasons to love the holidays. With all that feasting, however, stains are bound to happen. To help keep your stress levels low, we've put together the ultimate stain-removal guide for everything from gravy to red wine.

Always remember to act fast when a stain occurs. Stains are much easier to tackle when they are fresh. Waiting even a couple of hours may result in permanent damage. Use liquid detergent with a grease-cutting agent, and never apply heat to fabric until the stain is adequately removed.

Who doesn't love the oh-so decadent Christmas ham? How about when you get ham juice on your favorite Santa sweater? Not so much. Don't worry, simply cover your stain in dish soap and wash normally! Have a little bit too much eggnog? Don't fret, blot up the extra nog with a cloth, then soak for 30 minutes in cold water with a couple teaspoons of enzyme detergent. And what holiday is complete without a couple of candy canes? If you manage to get this sweet treat on your clothing, soak the clothes in water with a few drops of ammonia for 30 minutes. Rise then soak again in water and vinegar.

Keep this handy guide nearby so that when the inevitable stains occur, you'll be armed and ready!

The Holiday Stain Guide Infographic

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