Appliance Staging - Easy Ways To Maximize Your Home's Sale Price

Appliance Staging

Appliances are typically one of the most expensive items to replace in the home, so for potential buyers, seeing run down, damaged or ugly appliances can mean more expenses for them and fewer offers for you. Buyers like to see newer looking appliances in the home they want to buy, so use this checklist to spruce up your appliances and help close the deal.

  • Scrub all appliances down with soap and water to remove any dirt and grime.
  • Deep clean any gooey, ground-in dirt on your appliances by using products like Goo Gone. Clean appliances always look better than dirty ones.
  • Check each appliance for any nicks or scratches in the paint. Appliance touch-up paint in the appropriate color will hide any scratches.
Appliance Staging
  • Check the inside and outside of your appliances for rusted areas. An appliance rust remover will get rid of those stains.
  • Clean your oven's elements and drip bowls thoroughly. You can purchase element cleaners if necessary. Replace any elements or drip bowls that are too worn or damaged.
  • Replace any missing or broken parts, for example, dishwasher utensil holders and tines, refrigerator end caps, or any broken knobs and handles.
  • Update old-looking knobs and discolored handles. This is a relatively inexpensive way to give your appliance an instant make over.
  • Replace dented or worn front panels and footplates on your appliance. These parts can be a bit more expensive to purchase, but it's cheaper than purchasing new appliances and is well worth it if it means selling your home.
  • Ensure your appliances are level without the aid of scraps of wood or old catalogues. Purchase new leveling legs if necessary.
  • Fix any problems with your appliances that you may have been putting off, like funny noises or leaks.

Prior to starting any repairs, you should make a list of all the parts and touch up products you'll need to buy and see if it makes sense to fix up the old appliance or swap it out for a new one. Most times, if the appliance isn't really old, it is well worth it to update a few parts to help sell your home.

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