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Popular Husky Lawn Mower Parts

Handle Knob – Part Number: 720-0279
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Handle Knob
PartSelect Number PS10004025
Manufacturer Part Number 720-0279
This is a type of handle with a knob-shaped grip used in a variety of lawn and garden tools with adjustable features. This genuine OEM part is 0.8 x 0.2 x 1 inches and is made from plastic. It is designed to connect and disconnect individual parts together without using any tools. By loosening the knob, you can easily adjust the height of the handles on your equipment to your liking as well as fold the handles for proper storage. Over time the handle knob can wear down or break. If this happens, you will need to unscrew the knob and remove the old rope guide before you can place the new knob on. Place the new rope guide in position, thread the eye of the cable through the eye hook loop and finally thread the new knob on to the shaft and turn it clockwise with your hands until it is secure.
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Mulching Blade – Part Number: 942-0741A
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Mulching Blade
PartSelect Number PS9169783
Manufacturer Part Number 942-0741A
This is an authentic replacement part manufactured for use with Craftsman walk-behind lawnmowers. The blade is angled to allow the clippings to rotate through the cutting deck to produce fine clippings for side discharge and mulching. Lawnmower blades wear out over time and can cause the grass blades to tear making frayed endings that can diminish the look of the lawn. A new mower blade will allow for a cleaner cut keeping the lawn looking good. This blade is sold as an individual replacement part. 21&#34
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Mower blade does not cut

Control Handle – Part Number: 747-1161A-0637
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Control Handle
PartSelect Number PS9113457
Manufacturer Part Number 747-1161A-0637
The Control Handle is an OEM, metal, black handle used to control the engine. It attaches onto the handle assembly of the mower. If broken you will no longer be able to control the engine, and the part will need to be replaced. Most of our customers rated this repair as easy.
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Installation Instructions
Charles from MIDVALE, OH says,

Cable was frozen and bail was broken
I removed the bail and removed cable from motor! Then it was ready for new parts installation!
I attached the cable to the motor and I put the right side of bail in its hole and I then more

 Lever & Knob Assembly – Part Number: 94832
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Lever & Knob Assembly
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS10034156
Manufacturer Part Number 94832
The Lever and Knob Assembly (or Front Wheel Height Adjuster) is used to adjust the front height of the mower, and attaches on the front wheels. It can be installed using a socket set and wrench set, and is rated as "easy" to install by our customers. If broken or damaged (likely due to general wear over time) you will no longer be able to move it to make adjustments, and the part should be replaced. This black, plastic part is sold individually. Refer to your make, model and diagrams to ensure this part fits your machine.
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Lawn Mower Zone Control Cable – Part Number: 946-1130
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Lawn Mower Zone Control Cable
2 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS9180334
Manufacturer Part Number 946-1130
This zone control cable is for lawn mowers. Zone control cable stops the engine when you let go of the handle. Wear work gloves to protect your hands during this repair.
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No Symptoms for this part
Bolt M6X12 – Part Number: 710-04915
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Bolt M6X12
PartSelect Number PS9086733
Manufacturer Part Number 710-04915
This genuine part is a M6-1 x 12 Grade 8.8 mounting bolt that is zinc-plated. It is used to secure parts of your machine together, keeping these components tightly attached to each other so that they do not budge during operation. In lawn equipment, this bolt is usually used to attach the engine to the housing of the machine, but you may also find it in other areas of the machine. If the bolt rattles when you shake it, even when tightened, it is time to replace it. It must also be changed if it is corroded or bent, or else it may damage the components it is holding together. You will need to remove this mounting bolt with a socket wrench. This part is sold separately, so it is important to consult your user manual to understand how many bolts your machine needs. If you were initially replacing one bolt on your machine, you should consider purchasing more, as these bolts wear out at the same rate and you may end up needing to replace multiple bolts at once.
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Star Knob 5/16-18 – Part Number: 720-04072A
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Star Knob 5/16-18
PartSelect Number PS9109078
Manufacturer Part Number 720-04072A
This Star Knob, which may also be simply referred to as a Knob, is sourced directly from the manufacturer for use in lawn mowers and snow blowers. This part provides a quick-release for handles to fold down, and connect upper and lower handles. It is made of metal, is black, is not part of a kit or assembly, and is sold individually. This part will need to be replaced if it has become cracked, worn, or damaged. The most common cause for this part needing to be replaced is worn or stripped threads no longer being able to grip. You will need a wrench or socket set and a torque wrench to complete this repair. It should be torqued to the manufacturer's recommendation. Customers rate this repair as Easy.
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Fuel Bowl Mounting Bolt – Part Number: 710-04945
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Fuel Bowl Mounting Bolt
PartSelect Number PS10001642
Manufacturer Part Number 710-04945
This mounting bolt seals the fuel system and keeps the fuel bolt securely attached to the carburetor in a variety of gas-powered outdoor equipment. It is a genuine OEM part made of metal with dimensions of 0.25-20 x 0.875 inches. If you notice that the bolt is corroded or rusted, it will need to be replaced. A faulty or loose mounting bolt may cause fuel to leak, make it difficult to start or run your equipment engine, and may allow contaminants to enter the engine. The bolt is easy to install using a wrench or socket. Be careful not to overtighten the bolt as this may damage the fuel bowl. Each item is sold individually.
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Hinged Mulch Plug Assembly – Part Number: 987-02516A
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Hinged Mulch Plug Assembly
PartSelect Number PS10037714
Manufacturer Part Number 987-02516A
This OEM Hinged Mulch Plug Assembly includes both the plug and the spring. It is a black, plastic assembly which is rated as "Easy" to install, requiring a screwdriver, and socket set. This part seals the discharge chute to prevent the grass clippings from coming out. If broken or damaged from fatigue, it will not be able to contain the grass clippings and should be replaced. This part attaches onto the deck of the mower. Refer to your make, model and diagrams to ensure this model is correct.
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Bell-Wash. 1/4 I.D. – Part Number: 736-0270
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Bell-Wash. 1/4 I.D.
PartSelect Number PS10006551
Manufacturer Part Number 736-0270
This OEM spring bell washer is a small, circular piece of metal that is shaped like a cone and has an inside diameter of 1/4 of an inch. It is also called a Belleville washer or a disc spring, and it is used in lawn equipment to help spread out pressure and absorb shock between parts. If a washer is broken, it may look flattened or distorted, and your machine may make unusual vibrations or noises. If you do not replace a damaged spring bell washer, your machine will wear out faster because there will be nothing to cushion its parts. To remove a washer, you can use pliers or a flathead screwdriver to pry it from your machine. If it is difficult to remove, you can use a penetrating oil to loosen it first. To make sure you purchase the correct number of washers, which are sold separately, check your user guide to see where they are needed in your machine.
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