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Ariens String Trimmer Cable-Control
PartSelect Number PS8801048
Manufacturer Part Number 06944500
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Ariens String Trimmer Guide-Height-Hex
PartSelect Number PS8794704
Manufacturer Part Number 04627000
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Ariens String Trimmer Shield-Trimmer
PartSelect Number PS8794705
Manufacturer Part Number 04640100
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Ariens String Trimmer Guard-Debris
PartSelect Number PS8794708
Manufacturer Part Number 04641500
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Ariens String Trimmer Guide-Height-Long Life
PartSelect Number PS8795294
Manufacturer Part Number 04630600
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Ariens String Trimmer Housing-Jackshaft
PartSelect Number PS8795846
Manufacturer Part Number 04640601
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Ariens String Trimmer Spring
PartSelect Number PS8804943
Manufacturer Part Number 08314900
This tension spring, also known as a coil spring or extension spring, is an authentic manufacturer replacement part used in a variety of outdoor power equipment. It is a cylindrical, steel spring with one hook/ring on each end, which is used to hook on to the equipment parts. The spring is responsible for providing tension or resistance to various parts for controlled movement and added stability. It is typically located in areas such as throttle controls, idler pulleys, and belts. The tension spring can rust or break over time, leading to loose components, equipment instability, and potentially causing damage. To remove and replace the tension spring, use needle nose pliers or a spring hook tool to grab the hooks and gently pry them off. Hook the new spring on the attachment points and ensure that it can maintain the required tension.

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