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PartSelect Number PS7785114
Manufacturer Part Number 4681A20172Q
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Fan Motor
PartSelect Number PS3523199
Manufacturer Part Number 4681A20064N
Installation Instructions
Nimesh from Urbana, IL
Blower fan motor
Blower fan motor not working. Partselect representative he guide me. Make sure new motor diameter is wide. Purchase motor with mounting bracket. Old motor bracket will not working . my Ptac after installing new motor running smoothly. Read more...
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Motor Assembly,DC
PartSelect Number PS3523224
Manufacturer Part Number 4681A20091Q
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Indoor AC Motor
PartSelect Number PS3523198
Manufacturer Part Number 4681A20064M
This has been redesigned and will need a new mounting bracket - search by model#.
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AC Motor Assembly
PartSelect Number PS3523230
Manufacturer Part Number 4681A20122B
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PartSelect Number PS3523174
Manufacturer Part Number 4681A20043K
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Air Conditioner Motor Assembly
PartSelect Number PS10066406
Manufacturer Part Number 4681A20197F
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Motor Assembly,DC,Stepping
PartSelect Number PS3523172
Manufacturer Part Number 4681A20042E
Installation Instructions
Motor Assembly, DC, Stepping had quit working which caused the loover on the front of the air conditioner to remain open
Main problem was removing the cowling from the LG head unit as I had no instructions on how to do it. I had watched the previous technicians that had worked on the unit remove it. Once the cowling is removed all that needs done is remove the 2 mounting screws and unplug the old motor, plug in the new motor and remount it with the 2 screws. Then the cowling has to be reinstalled. Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS3579273
Manufacturer Part Number 4681AP2968S
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PartSelect Number PS7785118
Manufacturer Part Number 4681A20174H

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