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WASHER, BSH 220 VOL – Part Number: WAS20160UC
This part number matches the current model number WAS20160UC
PartSelect #: PS2364655
Manufacturer #: WAS20160UC
  No Longer Available
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Electrical Door Lock – Part Number: 00612148
Electrical Door Lock
PartSelect #: PS8727513
Manufacturer #: 00612148
If the door on your washing machine will not close, or if your washer will not start, there could be a problem with the locking system. This electrical lock is designed to firmly hold the door of your...
  In Stock
Leveling Leg – Part Number: 00610643
Leveling Leg
PartSelect #: PS8727257
Manufacturer #: 00610643
Sold individually.
  In Stock
Washer Door Boot Gasket – Part Number: 00772658
Washer Door Boot Gasket
PartSelect #: PS11732288
Manufacturer #: 00772658
This door boot is for washers. Door boot forms a seal between the wash tub and the door, preventing leaks.
  In Stock
FILTER-FLUFF – Part Number: 00647920
PartSelect #: PS11704964
Manufacturer #: 00647920
  In Stock
PUMP-DRAIN – Part Number: 00145753
PartSelect #: PS11704552
Manufacturer #: 00145753
  In Stock
HINGE-WINDOW – Part Number: 00655117
PartSelect #: PS8731546
Manufacturer #: 00655117
  In Stock
CARBON-BRUSH – Part Number: 00605694
PartSelect #: PS8726485
Manufacturer #: 00605694
  In Stock
SHOCK ABSORBER – Part Number: 00742719
PartSelect #: PS11705096
Manufacturer #: 00742719
  No Longer Available
FASTENING RING – Part Number: 00670743
PartSelect #: PS8733231
Manufacturer #: 00670743
This part has a spring to tighten and goes in front of the bellow.
  In Stock
HANDLE – Part Number: 00648581
PartSelect #: PS11704965
Manufacturer #: 00648581
  In Stock

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Common Symptoms of the WAS20160UC

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Lid or door won’t close
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these parts
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Will Not Start
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these parts
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the door would not latch because the door latch mechanism was broken
i first looked on line to see if there was a video to replace the door switch/lock mechanism. i found one for a different model and it mostly applied. the steps to complete the repair are as follows: 1. disconnect the plug, 2. open the door and remove the garter spring that holds the door seal boot onto the front of the washing machine. 3. roll the boot back to access the door lock. 4. unsnap the retaining bracket. there is limited but enough space to grab the switch. a plastic retaining bracket snaps to the back of the switch. it's a little tricky to pull the switch out but it's possible to unsnap the bracket. 5. pull the switch out of the square hole in the washer front. there aren't any screws on this model washer. the switch is held in place by a groove on one side that slips over the front and the plastic retaining bracket. 6. disconnect the electrical plug. again, there's not much space. the clip that retains the plug in on the switch and it must be pushed out of the way before the wiring plug will come out. it's tough because of the limited space. 7. pull the switch out. 8. remove the manual unlock pull rod from the old switch. install the new switch by 1. reconnecting the electric plug. 2. push the switch into the square hole on the washer front. it goes in on an angle so the groove in one side of the switch goes over the washer front. 3. reclip the plastic retaining bracket. 4. replace the manual unlock rod. this is tricky because it's all be touch. 5. replace the door seal boot. pull it over the ring on the washer front. make sure the seal is properly set in the groove around the door opening. 6. reinstall the door seal garter. this is really tough because the spring is pretty stiff and the wire will want to pull the boot from the groove. i first put the garter about 3/4 of the way around and used some spring clamps to hold it in position while i pulled the spring over the rest of the way. the spring only goes on the boot closest to the door. and that's all there is. i also ordered the "latch" but it was not needed.
Parts Used:
Electrical Door Lock
  • Don from MADISON, CT
  • Difficulty Level:
    A Bit Difficult
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
  • Tools:
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