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Capacitor – Part Number: RCQZA331WRZZ
PartSelect #: PS12690842
Manufacturer #: RCQZA331WRZZ
  No Longer Available
Micro Switch – Part Number: FFSBA039WRKZ
Micro Switch
PartSelect #: PS12680413
Manufacturer #: FFSBA039WRKZ
Monitor switch
  No Longer Available
Cooking Tray – Part Number: NTNTA134WRHZ
Cooking Tray
PartSelect #: PS12680769
Manufacturer #: NTNTA134WRHZ
Metal tray
  No Longer Available
Rack – Part Number: FAMIA087WRM0
PartSelect #: PS12688558
Manufacturer #: FAMIA087WRM0
High rack
  No Longer Available
Inner door seal – Part Number: GCOVHA155WRF0
Inner door seal
PartSelect #: PS12695505
Manufacturer #: GCOVHA155WRF0
  No Longer Available
Leg, Foot & Caster – Part Number: GLEGPA019WREO
Leg, Foot & Caster
PartSelect #: PS12695514
Manufacturer #: GLEGPA019WREO
No longer available
  No Longer Available
Door Switch – Part Number: QSWMA085WRE0
Door Switch
PartSelect #: PS12697446
Manufacturer #: QSWMA085WRE0
Microwave door switch, normally open two terminals.
  No Longer Available
Turntable Motor – Part Number: RMOTDA314WRZZ
Turntable Motor
PartSelect #: PS12698818
Manufacturer #: RMOTDA314WRZZ
Turntable motor
  No Longer Available
Fuse Holder – Part Number: AMI2040
Fuse Holder
PartSelect #: PS12699638
Manufacturer #: AMI2040
Fuse block
  No Longer Available
Diode – Part Number: RHDZA006PRE0
PartSelect #: PS12674349
Manufacturer #: RHDZA006PRE0
Diode kit
  No Longer Available
Cooking Tray – Part Number: FAMIA088WRM0
Cooking Tray
PartSelect #: PS12685563
Manufacturer #: FAMIA088WRM0
Low rack
  No Longer Available
Glass Tray Drive Coupling – Part Number: NCPLA058WRFZ
Glass Tray Drive Coupling
PartSelect #: PS12668608
Manufacturer #: NCPLA058WRFZ
  No Longer Available

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