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Magnetron – Part Number: RVMZA089WRE0
PartSelect #: PS12682901
Manufacturer #: RVMZA089WRE0
  No Longer Available
Glass Tray Support – Part Number: FROLPA117WRKZ
Glass Tray Support
PartSelect #: PS12700223
Manufacturer #: FROLPA117WRKZ
Glass tray support
  No Longer Available
Open Lever – Part Number: MLEVPB016MRF1
Open Lever
PartSelect #: PS12700471
Manufacturer #: MLEVPB016MRF1
Microwave door lever. The original lever may have been white, but the part is now only made in black.
  No Longer Available
Fuse Holder – Part Number: QFSHDB003MRE0
Fuse Holder
PartSelect #: PS12701928
Manufacturer #: QFSHDB003MRE0
Snap in fuse block
  No Longer Available
Door Hook – Part Number: PHOK-A182WRFZ
Door Hook
PartSelect #: PS12688930
Manufacturer #: PHOK-A182WRFZ
Door switch holder
  No Longer Available
Glass Tray – Part Number: NTNTA099WRE0
Glass Tray
PartSelect #: PS12684497
Manufacturer #: NTNTA099WRE0
Glass tray
  No Longer Available
Main Control Board – Part Number: DPWBFB100MRU0
Main Control Board
PartSelect #: PS12694912
Manufacturer #: DPWBFB100MRU0
Power control board
  No Longer Available
Door Switch – Part Number: FSSBA016KIT
Door Switch
PartSelect #: PS12689081
Manufacturer #: FSSBA016KIT
Door switch and line fuse kit
  No Longer Available

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microwave turn table motor was not working at all. so food cooked unevenly.
ordered part, removed two bottom-front screws that hold the bottom plate of microwave closed (note back of plate is on hinges so it stayed attached to microwave when we opened it.unplugged broken motor, plugged in new motor,replaced the two screws and...yeh!!! works like new. Thanks for the suprisingly rapid delivery of this part.We give your company five stars for service, delivery, and the very small part needed.!!!
Parts Used:
TT MOTOR Assembly
  • Margie from Shelby Township, MI
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
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