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Lawn Mower Ground Drive Belt – Part Number: 954-04032B
Lawn Mower Ground Drive Belt
PartSelect #: PS9172714
Manufacturer #: 954-04032B
3/8 x 36-1/8-inch This ground drive belt (part number 954-04032B) is for lawn mowers. Ground drive belt 954-04032B drives the transmission, which propels the lawn mower wheels. Wear work glov...
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TT Screw 1/4-20 x 0.5 – Part Number: 710-0599
TT Screw 1/4-20 x 0.5
PartSelect #: PS9298768
Manufacturer #: 710-0599
  In Stock
13" Articulating Tine – Part Number: 742-0305A-0637
13" Articulating Tine
PartSelect #: PS10007424
Manufacturer #: 742-0305A-0637
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Cable Barrel Holder – Part Number: 946-0605
Cable Barrel Holder
PartSelect #: PS9167431
Manufacturer #: 946-0605
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Throttle Box Ass'y – Part Number: 831-0823A
Throttle Box Ass'y
PartSelect #: PS10017243
Manufacturer #: 831-0823A
The Throttle Box Assembly, or the Throttle Assembly, is a kit that includes the housing, handle, and hardware. It is black and constructed of steel and plastic. It can be installed onto the right hand...
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Fl-Wash 1.00" X 1.63" O.D. X 03 – Part Number: 936-0163
Fl-Wash 1.00" X 1.63" O.D. X 03
PartSelect #: PS9166464
Manufacturer #: 936-0163
This Flat Washer helps to spread load under a nut or bolt in a wide variety of lawn and garden equipment. Its dimensions are 1.00 inches x 1.63 inches O.D. x 03. This part is silver and made of metal,...
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Jamlock Nut, 3/8-16 – Part Number: 712-0266A
Jamlock Nut, 3/8-16
PartSelect #: PS9299545
Manufacturer #: 712-0266A
The Jamlock Nut is a 3/8-16 inch metal nut which can be installed using a socket or wrench set. It's used to secure and lock parts in place. If the part is damaged and comes loose it should be replace...
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Bearing .62" I.D. x 1.38" O.D. x .437" Thk. – Part Number: 941-0155
Bearing .62" I.D. x 1.38" O.D. x .437" Thk.
PartSelect #: PS9167498
Manufacturer #: 941-0155
This authentic OEM bearing measures 0.62 inches inside diameter, and 1.38 inches outside diameter, and is 0.436 inches thick. Silver and balck in color and sold individually, the bearing is comprised ...
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Washer-Lock 5/16 – Part Number: 936-0119
Washer-Lock 5/16
PartSelect #: PS9311087
Manufacturer #: 936-0119
This Washer-Lock 5/16 is a silver, metal part that is sold individually and comes direct from the manufacturer. With a 5/16 Inch Interior Diameter and 1/2 Inch Outside Diameter, it is used to prevent ...
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Grease Benalene 920 8 Oz – Part Number: 737-0300A
Grease Benalene 920 8 Oz
PartSelect #: PS9119538
Manufacturer #: 737-0300A
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Mixer began to make a noise on speed two and higher
We took our 30 plus year mixer apart. I removed the old grease. There was some crumbly looking grease in the main housing gear section where the nylon gear is located. It looked like it had flour mixed in it. Not certain. Removed as best possible all old grease and applied 6 oz. of new Benalene grease to all of the gears. Now it does not make the slight howl sound.
Parts Used:
Grease Benalene 920 8 Oz
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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