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Washer-Stepped – Part Number: 614426
PartSelect #: PS9048394
Manufacturer #: 614426
The Stepped Washer is used to secure the wheels onto the shaft of a push mower. It attaches to the wheel axle. If broken due to wear/fatigue, the wheel will come off and the part should be replaced. I...
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Baffle-Front – Part Number: 114-7963-01
PartSelect #: PS8845729
Manufacturer #: 114-7963-01
  In Stock
Chute-Discharge, Side – Part Number: 115-8447
Chute-Discharge, Side
PartSelect #: PS8847392
Manufacturer #: 115-8447
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Screw-Taptite – Part Number: 95-1726
PartSelect #: PS9180925
Manufacturer #: 95-1726
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Blade-22 Inch – Part Number: 131-4547-03
Blade-22 Inch
PartSelect #: PS11804777
Manufacturer #: 131-4547-03
This is a genuine OEM replacement blade for use on Lawn Mowers. If the blade is too dull it will tear the grass instead of an even cut. A bent or damaged blade can cause serious damage or injuries. Yo...
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Bearing-Ball – Part Number: 104-8699
PartSelect #: PS8824569
Manufacturer #: 104-8699
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Bolt-Shoulder – Part Number: 614650
PartSelect #: PS9046634
Manufacturer #: 614650
The Shoulder Bolt is a 3/8-16 x 3-5/8 bolt, certified by the original equipment manufacturer. It is a metal bolt which is individually sold and comes in black. Installation requires a wrench or socket...
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Nut-Lock, Ni – Part Number: 3296-29
Nut-Lock, Ni
PartSelect #: PS9276436
Manufacturer #: 3296-29
The Ni Lock Nut (Nylock Nut) is a Silver, 5/16x18, individually sold metal nut. It can be adjusted and replaced using a wrench or socket and torque wrench to the manufacturer specfications, and is use...
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Screw-Hwh – Part Number: 46-8091
PartSelect #: PS8974798
Manufacturer #: 46-8091
  In Stock
Washer – Part Number: 40-1940
PartSelect #: PS8963619
Manufacturer #: 40-1940
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Frame-Bag – Part Number: 114-2679-03
PartSelect #: PS8843654
Manufacturer #: 114-2679-03
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Support-Blade – Part Number: 108-3766-03
PartSelect #: PS9257416
Manufacturer #: 108-3766-03
The Blade Support is a 6-x-3-inch Black, metal part used to support the blade. It's rated as "Easy" to install by customers. It must be torqued to manufacturer specifications which will require a sock...
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Wheel height adjuster lever (spring steel) cracked / split in two.
Tip mower onto side, raising side to be repaired. Empty gas tank if possible or use rags to prevent gasoline drips onto clean surfaces.

Remove wheel using a 1/2" socket.
Remove wheel height assembly with 1/2" socket and open end wrench to hold nut below the deck.
Position new spring arm over the slot on wheel height assembly plate. Check opposite side to verify correct orientation if needed.
Remove plastic cover from old lever using a small flat blade screwdriver. Slip onto new lever.
Replace wheel height assembly.
Replace wheel.
Parts Used:
  • Ray from YARDLEY, PA
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
  • Tools:
    Socket set, Wrench set
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