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SEAL – Part Number: 647M001D00
This part number matches the current model number 20101
PartSelect #: PS478144
Manufacturer #: 647M001D00
  No Longer Available
USE PRO TJ20101 – Part Number: 20101
This part number matches the current model number 20101
PartSelect #: PS4083675
Manufacturer #: 20101
  No Longer Available
Pin hair .14 – Part Number: 20101
Pin hair .14
This part number matches the current model number 20101
PartSelect #: PS12407380
Manufacturer #: 20101
  No Longer Available
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Filter- A/C Cartridge – Part Number: 491588S
Filter- A/C Cartridge
PartSelect #: PS8987387
Manufacturer #: 491588S
This is a replacement air filter/AC cartridge for your small engine. The air filter prevents dirt and debris from entering the engine. Over time, the air filter can become clogged or damaged, and this...
  In Stock
Plug-Spark – Part Number: 796112S
PartSelect #: PS9140427
Manufacturer #: 796112S
This part is the replacement spark plug for your engine. It measures approximately 2.5 inches by 1 inch. The spark plug creates the spark that ignites fuel in your engine during the combustion process...
  In Stock
Carburetor Overhaul Kit – Part Number: 498260
Carburetor Overhaul Kit
PartSelect #: PS8984098
Manufacturer #: 498260
This is a replacement carburetor overhaul kit for your small engine. The carburetor is essential to the overall performance of your engine, and the carb can get clogged up over time for a variety of r...
  In Stock
Gasket-Crankcase – Part Number: 692232
PartSelect #: PS9066140
Manufacturer #: 692232
This part is the replacement gasket for the crankcase on your engine. The gasket helps to create a seal on the crankcase and prevent leaks. If you notice that your engine is not running at peak perfor...
  In Stock
Kit-Needle/Seat – Part Number: 398188
PartSelect #: PS8963322
Manufacturer #: 398188
  In Stock
Nut-Lock, Ni – Part Number: 3296-42
Nut-Lock, Ni
PartSelect #: PS8953555
Manufacturer #: 3296-42
This Ni Nut-Lock, or Nylock Nut, is a Silver 1/4 x 20 metal nut. Sold individually, it can be adjusted using a wrench or socket and torque wrench to the manufacturer specfications, and is used to secu...
  In Stock
Bowl-Float – Part Number: 796611
PartSelect #: PS9306908
Manufacturer #: 796611
  In Stock
Key-Flywheel – Part Number: 222698S
PartSelect #: PS8925657
Manufacturer #: 222698S
  In Stock
Seal-Oil – Part Number: 299819S
PartSelect #: PS8948679
Manufacturer #: 299819S
This OEM Oil Seal is an individually sold rubber part which is attached around the axis shaft on the crankcase housing to provide a proper seal. A broken seal will lead to a leak, and the part should ...
  In Stock
Float-Carburetor – Part Number: 398187
PartSelect #: PS8961149
Manufacturer #: 398187
  In Stock
Cover-Air Cleaner – Part Number: 692298
Cover-Air Cleaner
PartSelect #: PS9294822
Manufacturer #: 692298
  In Stock
Seal-O Ring – Part Number: 270344S
Seal-O Ring
PartSelect #: PS8936675
Manufacturer #: 270344S
The O-Ring is a black rubber part, used to provide a seal between two pieces. It can be used in various locations on a variety of equipment. Installation is rate as "Easy" and will require a screw dri...
  In Stock

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replaced gasket that go's between the air cleaner housing and carb. cleaned housing and reinstalled with new air filter
Also replaced fuel tank , the built in fuel shut off started leaking , had to replace the tank. Ordered a new one Briggs & Stratton original equipment fit perfect . This is a 25 year old Briggs & Stratton lawn mower 3.5 HP, Runs perfect, starts by the 2nd crank every time. First time I ever had to spend money on it since I bought it new in 1991
Parts Used:
Filter- A/C Cartridge Gasket-Air Cleaner
  • Barry from FRANKFORT, KY
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    15 - 30 mins
  • Tools:
    Nutdriver, Pliers, Screw drivers
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