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This part number matches the current model number 16000
PartSelect #: PS348884
Manufacturer #: 362901
  No Longer Available
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Plug-Spark – Part Number: 796112S
PartSelect #: PS9140427
Manufacturer #: 796112S
This part is the replacement spark plug for your engine. It measures approximately 2.5 inches by 1 inch. The spark plug creates the spark that ignites fuel in your engine during the combustion process...
  In Stock
Grommet – Part Number: 692189
PartSelect #: PS9294797
Manufacturer #: 692189
This OEM grommet, also called a 90-degree breather tube, is sold individually. Black in color and made of rubber, this is a 90-degree elbow for the crankcase breather tube of your mower engine. If you...
  In Stock
Bearing, Greased – Part Number: 2108202SM
Bearing, Greased
PartSelect #: PS9270711
Manufacturer #: 2108202SM
This Ball Bearing is an individually sold, silver/black, metal part. It reduces friction in the spindle assembly between the spindle shaft and the spindle housing. If broken due to wear/fatigue, you w...
  In Stock
Seal-O Ring – Part Number: 270344S
Seal-O Ring
PartSelect #: PS8936675
Manufacturer #: 270344S
The O-Ring is a black rubber part, used to provide a seal between two pieces. It can be used in various locations on a variety of equipment. Installation is rate as "Easy" and will require a screw dri...
  In Stock
Screw – Part Number: 692198
PartSelect #: PS9294799
Manufacturer #: 692198
  In Stock
Tube-Pick Up – Part Number: 497413S
Tube-Pick Up
PartSelect #: PS8988802
Manufacturer #: 497413S
  On Order
Gasket-Cyl Hd – Part Number: 698717
Gasket-Cyl Hd
PartSelect #: PS9295154
Manufacturer #: 698717
  In Stock
Screw (Magneto Armature) – Part Number: 691061
Screw (Magneto Armature)
PartSelect #: PS9063630
Manufacturer #: 691061
  On Order
Cap-Spring – Part Number: 690766
PartSelect #: PS9294523
Manufacturer #: 690766
  In Stock
Exhaust Muffler S/A 39 – Part Number: 394569S
Exhaust Muffler S/A 39
PartSelect #: PS8967008
Manufacturer #: 394569S
  In Stock
Knob-Handle – Part Number: 98-7134
PartSelect #: PS9189145
Manufacturer #: 98-7134
The Handle (or Knob Handle) is a black, plastic part which is rated as "Easy" to install by customers. It attaches onto the handle, so you can quickly release to fold down the handle bar. If the part ...
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Muffler rusted out
hand tightened with threads into threaded insert
Parts Used:
Exhaust Muffler S/A 39
  • Snoopy from TYRONE, GA
  • Difficulty Level:
    Very Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
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