Honors Mom with Five Appliance Maintenance Tips This Mother’s Day, the home appliance repair expert, is offering kids, husbands, and loved ones five simple home improvement tasks that Mom can benefit from all year long.

Monday May 2, 2011

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia -, the complete online resource for the do-it-yourself repair market and official home of the Instant Repairman, knows that Mothers deserve much more than one day of recognition each year. That’s why this Mother’s Day, the home appliance repair expert is offering kids, husbands, and loved ones five simple home improvement tasks that Mom can benefit from all year long.

"Sometimes, the best gifts are not the material items you pick up at the local gift store," says Steve Ash, Service Director for "They’re the meaningful projects you put your heart, sweat and soul into. Repairing and refreshing the common household appliances Moms use every day is a great way to show her how much you appreciate her this Mother’s Day and beyond. Plus, they will keep appliances looking and operating like new, saving Mom time, money, and stress in the year ahead."

Honor Mom with these easy and affordable appliance maintenance tasks this Mother’s Day:

1. Make over Mom’s microwave. Warm a mug of hot water and vinegar in the microwave. The steam will help loosen caked-on stains. Take a cloth, damp with an all-purpose cleaner, to the appliance’s inside cavity. Soak and rinse the glass tray in the sink and examine the revolving device for cracks or wobbly wheels. Heat up a microwavable neck pillow and deliver to Mom with her morning coffee.

2. Take a load off. Help Mom out by throwing a load of laundry into the washer. While clothes are washing, turn your attention to the dryer, moving the appliance away from the wall and vacuuming up the dust balls behind it. When done, switch the laundry to the dryer, and perform the same maintenance on the washing machine. A simple cleaning will keep both appliances running efficiently in the weeks to come.

3. Add a twist to your Mother’s Day bouquet by using old household items and appliance parts to house a flower bed or arrangement. Old light fixtures, shoes, and teapots make great flower planters that Moms can enjoy all summer long.

4. Redesign the refrigerator in 15 minutes. Move food items aside and soak all removable drawers, shelves, and compartments in the sink while you wipe down the interior. Replace any burned-out light bulbs, and give the handle a good scrub. Dry and replace the shelving pieces and food items.

5. Deep clean the oven. Soak oven racks in a garbage bag with store-bought cleaning solvent. Use the same solvent to scrub away grease and other spills from the inside of the oven, or if the oven is self-cleaning, take mom out of the house for two to three hours while the oven does the dirty work. As an added treat, preheat the now sparkling oven to cook Mom her favorite meal.

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