Wok This Way:
A Beginner's Guide to Using A Wok

Investing in a good wok will forever open up your dinnertime possibilities, allowing you to cook a variety of stir fry and noodle dishes in a more authentic way. The first step is picking out a good wok; we recommend going for a 14-inch wok that will give you enough space to cook large meals, and preferable selecting one made from carbon steel for longevity.

Once you have your wok, it's time to season it. This step only needs to be done once and helps develop a non-stick coating that will aid you greatly as you stir fry food in your new wok. Read our directions below for seasoning a new carbon steel wok. After the first season, it's a good idea to cook a fatty food such as bacon in the wok for your inaugural meal, as the fat will contribute to developing the non-stick coating.

Now that you are off and running, take this opportunity to learn some new recipes that will cook perfectly in a wok, such as Caribbean-style jerk chicken, or chili garlic beef stir fry with coconut rice, listed below. When you become a wok pro, you can begin to mix and match these recipes to develop your own creations!