Launder Like a Boss:
Decoding Your Clothing Tag Labels

The tiny laundry tags on clothing have long been a source of confusion for many of us. The little symbols seem to convey important information, but what do they mean? Our laundry guide breaks down the meaning of each symbol, some of which are very similar-looking, only differentiated by small dots that explain at which temperature to launder your clothes. We also included tips for symbols that refer to dry cleaning, bleaching, and ironing.

This is especially important as we purchase more clothing from diverse manufacturers with tags written in a different language. Or when your cut off a poorly-placed itchy tag the first time you wear it and are left with no clues on how to launder your garment.

It's usually a safe bet to wash your clothes in cold water, and there are even detergents geared towards using cold water exclusively. But when you need to get something really clean with a hot wash, it's nice to know what the heat limit is for your clothes. Read our guide and never worry again about washing, drying, ironing, or bleaching your clothing incorrectly. Or better yet, print out a copy and hang it in your laundry room!