How to Maintain Lawn and Mower
A well maintained mower is the first step to a beautiful lawn

A well-kept lawn is a source of great pride and joy for any homeowner. A well-maintained lawn requires lots of care, not just for the lawn itself but also your mower.

To get the most out of your machine, it is important that you take such basic measures as brushing your mower with a broom after each use, removing caked grass with a gloved hand (after the mower has come to a complete stop), and once or twice a year, thoroughly cleaning the machine.

Getting "under the hood" and paying attention to your mower as you would any engine-powered machine is important. Clean or replace the air filter once or twice a year, replace the spark plug, keep the blade sharp, and empty the fuel tank at the end of the season by allowing the motor to run until the gas runs out.

Follow these basic lawnmower operation tips to take your yard from looking good to looking great! You'll also get better efficiency out of your mower, and that means financial savings! By following these and other maintenance and operation tips, your mower will run in tip-top shape for years to come. Your lawn will thank you for it!