How to Clean Exercise Equipment
Green and Clean Exercise Equipment

It's almost the new year and people are setting their resolutions. Our health is one of the most important things we have so of course, when thinking about our ideal future, good health will be a key goal. For many people, this involves hitting the gym again or starting an at-home workout routine. This is a great idea, but many people don't realize just how difficult it can be to make sure your equipment is clean without damaging the material or exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals. The frequent touching, movement, and moisture that exercise equipment endures means its a hotbed for potential bacteria.

Some of the bacteria that can live on your gym equipment include rhinoviruses, klebsiella, and streptococcal. These can hide on your weights, mats, and exercise machines.

In order to eradicate these pesky little bacteria effectively, most people will turn to harsh cleaning chemicals, but this isn't necessary. You can use a natural spray cleaning solution to remove most bacteria by spraying it onto the surface and letting it sit for 10-30 minutes before wiping off. If you use harsh chemical cleaners, the cleaning solution may linger and you will come in contact with it through normal use of your equipment. Over time this can damage skin, cause an allergic reaction, or break down the material in the equipment you are using.

However, for many people even store-bought natural sprays can be too much. Whether due to skin sensitivity, allergies or a simple desire to know what goes into the products you use, many people choose to make their own cleaners. This is a great project to take on that will teach you a lot about what your household ingredients are capable of. If you're ever in a pinch, you'll know what pantry items you can turn to!

You can create all-natural air fresheners, yoga mat spray, and all-purpose cleaners at home. For example, using essential oils, such as tea tree oil, in your yoga mat spray will help to prevent the growth of fungus. Other ingredients include vodka, vinegar, baking soda, and distilled water. With these simple ingredients, you can create your own personal line of gym cleaning solutions! Take a look at our handy infographic for all the techniques and recipes you'll need to get keep your equipment clean so it can perform at your best every time without putting you at risk.

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