Holiday Stain Removal Guide
Remove turkey, gravy, wine, chocolate stains and more!

The holidays are often when we bring out our nicest outfits. I love to wear white during the season, but that can be a BIG risk with all the meals and snacks wherever you go. Whether it's a big turkey dinner, a simple spread of snacks, or just a few glasses of wine, there are so many places to encounter stains. If you have kids this is doubly true. A couple of misplaced candy canes can ruin a good pair of pants unless you act fast. We hope that with this handy infographic you won't have to throw out any of your favorite party attire, and can keep the good times rolling!

When it comes to stains the most important thing is to act fast. It's good to make sure you have some backup clothes you can switch into if you need to quickly throw something in the wash. Stains are much easier to tackle when they are fresh. Waiting even a couple of hours may result in permanent damage. Use liquid detergent with a grease-cutting agent, and never apply heat to fabric until the stain is adequately removed. If the stain is still stuck, don't throw it in the dryer as that can make it even harder to remove, or even seal it in permanently! Of course, as always, make sure you know the washing and drying needs of each fabric before you throw them in for a cycle.

Whether it's turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, eggnog, wine, chocolate or even candle wax there's no need to panic. Just act quickly and follow these simple steps to get your Christmas clothes looking their best!

Happy Holidays!