How to Fix a Shaking Washer
We pushed our machine to the limit to show the cause and effect of an unbalanced washer

Nobody likes to hear their laundry machine banging back and forth, but what causes it to happen? Well in most cases the answer is simple: an unbalanced washer. An improperly loaded washer will cause the machine to become unbalanced and rock back and forth. It's an unpleasant sound for sure, but did you know it can also damage your washer over time?

To show the effects of an unbalanced washer, we conducted a stress test using bowling balls. You can view this and a simple explanation of how this problem occurs by watching our video or you can follow the written guide below:

To properly balance a washer, try to sort out your fabrics into different weights beforehand. This will also be useful in ensuring that each type of fabric receives proper treatment. Try making three piles: light, medium and heavy. Light will include your undergarments and thin fabric clothes, the medium pile includes most typical daily wear such as t-shirts and pants, and the heavy pile will include towels and thick sweaters.

If your washer is top-loaded, make sure that the various items are evenly distributed around the agitator. Too much weight on one side or the other will make your washer unbalanced. With items like towels remember they will absorb a lot of water and become much heavier than when you put them in.

When your washer is properly balanced the cycle should sound smooth with very minimal shaking. An imbalanced wash will shake, sometimes violently. Over time the violent shaking can cause damage to the washer itself, eventually leading to a breakdown. Too much stress on the shock-absorbing parts such as the suspension springs, damper pads and tub dampening straps can cause them to break, bend or snap.

If you're certain your washer is loaded properly and it still shakes then try taking out or adding clothes, changing cycles, or if all else fails: consult with the manufacturer of the machine as it is likely damaged.

If your machine appears to be broken, don't worry we've got you covered. Click here to see our range of washing machine parts.