Ohm My Gosh!
Find the Perfect Yoga Practice for You

To a yoga newbie, the variety of methods for practicing this activity can seem daunting. And there is nothing worse than trying to dip your toe into the yoga pool, only to find that the class you chose is not suited to your needs. We've all been there; wanting to get a great workout and realizing that we've accidentally signed up for a class that is focused on the restorative and spiritual sides of yoga.

Let our infographic below dispel the notion that yoga doesn't provide a solid workout, once and for all. It is simply a matter of choosing the right class for you, such as Bikram or Vinyasa. If you're looking for a more relaxing class as a supplement to your other fitness activities, or are recovering from an injury, then Iyengar or Yin yoga may be more your speed.

Many yoga studios focus on a certain type of yoga, but offer a few different varieties within that niche. If you're new to yoga, you may consider trying a one-month membership, which many studios offer to new clients at a discounted rate. You can then sample different types of classes to see what you value in a class. You may like the repetition of a flow (Vinyasa) class, or prefer one that pushes the physical boundaries and challenges you to try new poses, such as Jivamukti. Either way, consult our guide first to get a better idea of what your preferences are!

Find The Best Yoga Practice For You