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Fan Blade
PartSelect Number PS819849
Manufacturer Part Number 309651003
This is a fan blade and it is made for an air conditioner unit, it may also be known as a room condenser fan. The blade is black and has a roughly 13-inch outer diameter. The function of this piece is to blow air over the condenser, which will cool the refrigerant and eventually cool the area. The tools you will need to make this repair include a pair of pliers, a screwdriver set, and a socket set. Before making this repair, make sure to unplug your air conditioning unit.
Installation Instructions
James from Canyon, TX
condenser fan broken
pulled the cover off a/c, removed shroud covering fan. replaced the fan, reassembled a/c. works great.ty Read more...
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Exterior Front Panel
PartSelect Number PS435535
Manufacturer Part Number 309630904
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PartSelect Number PS411964
Manufacturer Part Number 08007481
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PartSelect Number PS433216
Manufacturer Part Number 3016854
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PartSelect Number PS434788
Manufacturer Part Number 309111602
PartSelect Number PS434925
Manufacturer Part Number 309306811
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PartSelect Number PS434987
Manufacturer Part Number 309330201
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PartSelect Number PS434988
Manufacturer Part Number 309330202
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PartSelect Number PS434995
Manufacturer Part Number 309331801
PartSelect Number PS435025
Manufacturer Part Number 309343112

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