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Front Panel - White
PartSelect Number PS645361
Manufacturer Part Number 309639601
The front panel is the grille that covers the front of your air conditioner unit. It is white in color and measures approximately 24 inches long and 9 inches wide. The front panel protects the interior of the unit by not allowing anything to get into the appliance and providing a shield to the internal parts. We recommend keeping the front panel clean to ensure no dust and debris builds up. Build up can cause the unit to not function as efficiently as possible. No tools required for this repair. The front panel should snap into place.
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PartSelect Number PS411964
Manufacturer Part Number 08007481
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PartSelect Number PS433216
Manufacturer Part Number 3016854
PartSelect Number PS434788
Manufacturer Part Number 309111602
PartSelect Number PS434925
Manufacturer Part Number 309306811
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PartSelect Number PS434987
Manufacturer Part Number 309330201
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PartSelect Number PS434988
Manufacturer Part Number 309330202
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PartSelect Number PS434995
Manufacturer Part Number 309331801
PartSelect Number PS435025
Manufacturer Part Number 309343112
Air Filter
PartSelect Number PS435036
Manufacturer Part Number 309343501
This air filter is designed for use with air conditioners. It helps keep your appliance running efficiently and improves air quality. It filters large particles and allergens out of the air such as dust, dander, pollen, and mold. This filter measures approximately 7 inches by 17 1/4 inches. This replacement part is easy to install, it should fit into your unit with no assembly. When you are installing it, make sure it fits snuggly into place, this will ensure air travel through the filter instead of around it.

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