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Whirlpool Garbage Disposer Sink Flange Gasket/Seal
PartSelect Number PS11742343
Manufacturer Part Number WP4211302
This is a sink flange gasket that is designed for use within various models of sinks and is installed between the strainer and garbage disposal. Made of rubber and measuring approximately 4.5-inches in outer-diameter, this seal can become damaged or worn over time and through extended use can lead to leaks from the disposal, at which time it will need replacing. This seal is sold individually, and because there are two seals in the gasket, you may need to consider acquiring multiple. When replacing this flange gasket, you will likely need a screwdriver and wrench to gain access to the pipes holding this seal. It is important that you disconnect the power and water supply before doing any repairs.
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Whirlpool Garbage Disposer Splash Guard
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PartSelect Number PS11742344
Manufacturer Part Number WP4211334
The splash guard, also known as a mounting gasket, is used for garbage disposals. The splash guard creates a watertight seal between the sink flange and the garbage disposal ring. The rubber cover covers the top of the sink drain and it opens in the center to allow water and food particles into the garbage disposal while keeping liquids and food from splashing out or back into the sink. This should fix any issue or symptom of garbage coming back out of your sink. Refer to the manufacturer-approved instructional diagram for installation and accurate guidance.
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Richard from CENTERVILLE, UT
Worn out splash guard
Ask my grandson to replace it. He’s a genius. He used hammer to release the disposer circular latch. He then removed the old splash guard and installed the new one. Love him Read more...
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Whirlpool Garbage Disposer Stopper
PartSelect Number PS357507
Manufacturer Part Number 4211577
This stopper is essential for preventing water and food waste from escaping your sink. It creates a seal with its black gasket, allowing your sink to hold water or enabling your garbage disposal to function effectively. It is plugged into the sink drain. A damaged stopper may have cracks or chips, causing water to drain out even when the stopper is closed. It is crucial to replace a broken stopper promptly as it hinders your ability to fill the sink for soaking and dishwashing, and it can lead to garbage disposal clogs. To remove a broken stopper, simply pry it out of the sink drain and install a new one. This OEM stopper is available for individual purchase.
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Whirlpool Garbage Disposer Bolt
PartSelect Number PS11745243
Manufacturer Part Number WP8204624
This bolt measures 1/4 inch in diameter with a thread count of 20 per inch and a length of 5/8 inch. It holds different parts of your kitchen appliance together, such as panels or handles, to ensure structural integrity. If the bolt is rusted or stripped, parts of your appliance will feel wobbly. Loose or missing bolts can cause the parts they are holding to detach. Use a wrench to remove any bolts that you need to replace. Take note that this OEM component is sold individually, so consult your user manual to determine the number of bolts your machine needs. Consider purchasing extra bolts if you are replacing one, as these bolts typically wear out at the same time.

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