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Troy-Bilt Pressure Washer Kit, Handle Fastening
PartSelect Number PS9181264
Manufacturer Part Number B2203GS
This handle fastening kit includes two plastic thread wingnuts and two carriage bolts, which are essential for securely attaching the handle assembly to your pressure washer. The handle assembly is typically located where the handle connects to the main body of your machine. When these parts are broken, the handle will feel wobbly or loose, and there may be visible damage to the mechanism. It is crucial to fix the assembly promptly, as a loose handle can pose safety risks and make it difficult to operate the pressure washer effectively. Please note that this genuine OEM kit is sold individually, and the handle itself is not included.
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Troy-Bilt Pressure Washer Key
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PartSelect Number PS8928085
Manufacturer Part Number 23139GS
Designed for use in various models of pressure washers, air compressors, and generators, this Woodruff Key is used to hold a shaft with a mating part, such as a gear. It is 1 inch in length, made of metal, is silver, and is sold individually. If the mating shaft or gear no longer rotates together, you likely need to replace the Woodruff Key. Inspect it for signs of fatigue or wear, which occurs through regular use, and replace it if needed. You will need a wrench set, an allen key set, a screwdriver, and pliers to complete this repair. Customers rate this repair as Easy.

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