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Troy-Bilt Lawn Tractor Bulb Light
PartSelect Number PS9010752
Manufacturer Part Number 532004152
This lightbulb is supplied by the original manufacturer and intended for use in lawn tractors and riding mowers with a 12-volt system. It is positioned on the front of the equipment as part of the equipment lighting system. The lightbulb illuminates the area allowing for improved visibility when working in low-light conditions. The lightbulb can fail due to various reasons, such as burnout, electrical issues, or physical damage. Once the lightbulb stops functioning, visibility will be reduced which makes it difficult to safely operate the equipment. Before you begin the repair, disconnect your equipment from the power source to avoid electrical hazards. Remove the bulb housing cover, and carefully unscrew the old bulb. Thread the new bulb into the housing and ensure that it is securely seated. Finally, reattach the housing cover, reconnect the power supply, and test the new bulb. Note that this bulb is part of a dual usage system, therefore ensure that you order at least two as each bulb is sold individually.