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Drain Tube
PartSelect Number PS2349464
Manufacturer Part Number 241957901
Fixes these symptoms
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PartSelect Number PS2378641
Manufacturer Part Number 240468202
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Water Tube Elbow
PartSelect Number PS428212
Manufacturer Part Number 218518700
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Vaughn from Virginia Beach, VA
Leak in the water tube elbow
First I remove protection cover,then removed the elbow pressing in on the gray coupling housing at each end of the elbow.Mark each piece of water hose before removing the elbow with marker(black)it helps when replacing new elbow.The new elbow slides on each end of water hose ,connect the end to the hose coming out of the door first. Replace protection cover. No more leak. Read more...
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Icemaker Water Inlet Valve Adapter
PartSelect Number PS473213
Manufacturer Part Number 5308000205
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Water Inlet Tube - cut-to-fit
PartSelect Number PS473809
Manufacturer Part Number 5308010366
1/4"diameter - 93" long - plastic - cut-to fit
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REF Stainless Steel INST C6 WATE
PartSelect Number PS8760363
Manufacturer Part Number 5304490728
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PartSelect Number PS428587
Manufacturer Part Number 218731104
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Water Fill Tube
PartSelect Number PS429359
Manufacturer Part Number 218947201
This water fill tube supplies water to the icemaker.
Installation Instructions
Jeffrey from Simpsonville, SC
Ice maker would not fill with water
Both water valves on this model have small rubber seals in them. When the seals wear, they stick and do not open, preventing water flow. To replace;
- unplug
- remove back bottom cover
- unplug valve
- remove valve
- detach water inlet and outlet (put a towel under first)
- install new valve in opposite order
Plastic Water Line Quick Connector/Union - 1/4" to 1/4"
PartSelect Number PS429333
Manufacturer Part Number 218922801
Installation Instructions
Toni from San Clemente, CA
We moved and lost the connector
I ordered it online and thought I would receive it and wait for hubby to get home and hook it up...little did I know, it was so simple to install that when I received it and saw how easy it would be, I just went ahead and hooked it up myself :) Read more...
PartSelect Number PS428403
Manufacturer Part Number 218660701

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