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Shindaiwa Edger Spark Plug
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PartSelect Number PS9314055
Manufacturer Part Number A425000000
This spark plug is a genuine OEM part that is used on gas-powered lawn and garden equipment. The spark plug creates the spark that ignites the fuel and air mixture inside the engine, allowing it to run. It comes in a cylindrical shape with a ceramic insulator and a metal electrode that protrudes from the top. If your spark plug is faulty, your small engine may misfire, have difficulty starting, consume more fuel or not start at all. To check that the spark plug is faulty, you will need to use a spark tester to test it for electrical failure. Once you have done so, you can remove the faulty spark plug using a spark plug socket and ratchet. Place the new spark plug in to the socket and use your hands to carefully thread it into the engine. It is important to note that you should not wait until your spark plug is faulty to replace it. It should be replaced regularly as part of your annual small engine maintenance.

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