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Popular Ryobi Clearing Saw Parts

Spacer – Part Number: 518367001
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PartSelect Number PS9964556
Manufacturer Part Number 518367001
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Spring & Container – Part Number: 638033001
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Spring & Container
PartSelect Number PS9987666
Manufacturer Part Number 638033001
This OEM spring, also known as a recoil or rewind spring, is housed in a container and is used to retract the starter rope on various lawn equipment models. Over time and through use, the spring will eventually lose its tension, and will break. If your starter rope has no resistance when pulling it, the starter spring is likely broken. Measuring at approx. 3-inches by 3-inches, this spring is suitable for use with a variety of lawn equipment models and is sold individually.
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No Symptoms for this part
Flanged Washer – Part Number: 099078001005
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Flanged Washer
PartSelect Number PS9872851
Manufacturer Part Number 099078001005
This flanged star washer is a manufacturer-sourced replacement part designed for use trimmers. It is also known as a tooth lock washer due to its serrated inner edge which resembles inward facing teeth. These teeth bite into the head of the fastener and provide a better grip than standard washers. This washer also has a flange on one side which is a lip that extends past the edge of the washer. It helps to distribute the load of the fastener over a wider area to provide extra stability and a more secure hold. Over time the washer may wear down or become damaged. To remove the washer, first unthread the bolt/screw it is fastened on. Use pliers to grip the washer and gently twist it off. Place the new washer over the fastener with the teeth facing toward the surface being fastened and insert it into the designated hole. Ensure that it is locked into place. Each washer is sold individually.
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No Symptoms for this part
Lock Nut (M8 X 125 In, Left Hand Threads) – Part Number: 678018001
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Lock Nut (M8 X 125 In, Left Hand Threads)
PartSelect Number PS11858642
Manufacturer Part Number 678018001
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No Symptoms for this part
Fuel Filter – Part Number: 310976001
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Fuel Filter
PartSelect Number PS9939472
Manufacturer Part Number 310976001
This fuel filter is a genuine OEM part that is compatible with various lawn equipment models and is sold as an individual part. Fuel filters are used to remove dirt and debris from fuel entering the carburetor and engine and are made of metal with a fabric filter material, meaning this filter will eventually clog and need to be replaced. Please note that the fuel filter should be inspected regularly, not solely when it is clogged. The filter will be attached to the fuel line within the fuel tank and if your equipment is having starting, revving, or idling issues, the fuel filter may be the reason why. To replace it, simply use a hook to pull the old filter out from the fuel tank, use pliers to remove any clamps attached to the end of the fuel line, and pull the filter off. Attach the new filter to the fuel line, along with the clamp, and set the filter back into the tank.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Fuel Tank With Cap – Part Number: 308181004
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Fuel Tank With Cap
4 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS9937937
Manufacturer Part Number 308181004
The Fuel Tank is an OEM replacement part. It is compatible with the models shown below. It includes the fuel lines, fuel cap and fuel filter. If you need to order the fuel tank bumpers, they are sold individually as part number 98792.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
john from Massena, NY says,

fuel line leaks
As others have said , simply remove old tank and tubes and replace in reverse order., being sure tube from filter goes to primer bulb....read more

Spring – Part Number: 06713
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PartSelect Number PS9869937
Manufacturer Part Number 06713
Springs are used within outdoor power equipment to provide tension and shock absorption, depending on their application and use. This spring is designed for use within trimmers/brush cutters and is made to provide tension on the spool reel mechanism, and in some cases may be used to advance the line whenever portions of it are cut off. This spring measures approximately 1.3-inches in length when extended and comes as an individual part. If you notice the line/spool in your trimmer is not advancing or is coming too quickly, the spring may be damaged and need replacing. Since this spring is a high-use part, it is not uncommon for it to lose tension over time and need to be replaced. To replace the spring, you will need to unscrew the covering cap, remove the spool feeding reel, remove the old spring and install the new spring with the rest of the assembly. Make sure to feed the line back into the appropriate feeding holes prior to operation of the trimmer.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
String Guard Clamp – Part Number: PS04420
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String Guard Clamp
PartSelect Number PS10050000
Manufacturer Part Number PS04420
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Spark Plug – Part Number: 870174001
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Spark Plug
PartSelect Number PS10018287
Manufacturer Part Number 870174001
This spark plug is a genuine OEM part that is used on gas-powered lawn and garden equipment. It is a small cylindrical device in the engine cylinder head that creates the spark that ignites the fuel and air mixture inside the engine. It has a ceramic insulator, a metal rod, known as the center electrode, and a metal tab at its base, known as the ground electrode. The spark plug may fail due to a buildup of carbon, physical damage, or fouling. If it is faulty, your engine will misfire, consume more fuel, and have difficulty starting. To check that the spark plug is faulty, you can visually inspect it and use either a multimeter or a spark tester to check for electrical failure. Remove the faulty spark plug using a spark plug socket and ratchet. Use your hands to carefully thread the new spark plug into the engine. Regularly inspect and replace your spark plug as part of your general maintenance to keep your equipment in good condition.
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No Symptoms for this part
Hex Nut (M8, Left Hand Threads) – Part Number: 662568002
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Hex Nut (M8, Left Hand Threads)
PartSelect Number PS16392470
Manufacturer Part Number 662568002
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No Symptoms for this part

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