How to Fix A Oven That Won't Program

How to Fix A Oven That Won't Program

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Electronic Control Board & Membrane Switch

On modern electronic controlled ovens, the control board contains the programming functions. Often, the membrane switch or keypad is part of the control and will need to be replaced as a unit. Some models use a separate membrane switch and if one or more of the keypads do not function, then you may only require that part. They are typically attached to the control board with a ribbon connector and the continuity can be checked with a multimeter.

How to inspect the electronic control board in an oven or range:

  1. Similar to many other inspections, begin by unplugging your range or oven.
  2. In order to closely inspect it, you will need to remove the electronic control board from the appliance. You will most likely need to remove the top panel of your appliance in order to access it. Once you have located it, remove the electronic control board.
  3. Once you have removed it, begin by inspecting the board for wear, damage, or cracking. You should also inspect it for any signs of burning or shorted terminals.
  4. If your control board shows any of the symptoms described above, you may need a replacement electronic control board.

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