How to Fix a Garbage Disposal That Won't Run

How to Repair a Food Waste Disposer That Won't Stay On

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Start Switch Kit

If your garbage disposal starts but won’t stay running, there may be an issue with the start switch. On batch feed style models, the start switch is activated by the stopper cam, which rotates to come in contact with the start switch actuator. To troubleshoot this problem, first turn off power to the unit, and remove the switch cover. Take out the start switch assembly and check for damage, particularly to the actuator. Take this opportunity to visually inspect other surrounding parts for damage, such as the stopper cam, and replace any that appear to be damaged.


If your garbage disposal won’t stay running, the issue may be with the stopper. The stopper is used to start the unit by hitting the start switch on most batch feed models. The stopper has a projection or cam which can become worn over time, or damaged, resulting in it not making contact with the start switch actuator. Check the stopper for signs of damage, and the other parts as well, such as the start switch actuator. Disconnect power to the disposal before replacing any of these parts.

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