How to Get Smell Out of Garbage Disposal - Food Waste Disposer

How to Get Rid of Food Waste Disposer Odor

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Splash Guard

If your garbage disposal has a bad odor, it may mean the splash guard needs to be replaced. This part is made of rubber, and goes just inside the drain opening. The rubber will break down over time and can retain bad smells from the food waste that passes through. Examine the splash guard for missing pieces or rigidity, which indicates that it is time to replace it. To clean the garbage disposal, make a habit of occasionally grinding up lemons, and regularly flushing with cold water. For a deeper clean, add baking soda or white vinegar to your garbage disposal cleaning routine.


If your garbage disposal has a bad odor, the problem may be the stopper. On certain disposals, the stopper and splash guard function together as one part. The stopper is made of rubber and can break down over time, becoming more prone to absorbing smells from food waste. The rubber stopper can become rigid and damaged over time, and does not create an airtight seal which also helps to keep powerful food smells contained. In some cases the splash guard may be missing completely. Check to see if your splash guard is damaged or dislodged, and replace if necessary. To help keep your garbage disposal clean, run a lemon through it occasionally and flush with cold water often. For a deeper clean you can also add baking soda and vinegar to your cleaning routine.

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