How to Fix a Leaking Garbage Disposal - Food Waste Disposer Repair

How to Repair Leaking Food Waste Disposer

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Flange Gasket

If your garbage disposal is leaking from the sink connection, the issue may be the sink flange gasket. Inspect this rubber gasket visually to see if it is out of place or damaged. The flange gasket forms a seal; if it is damaged is could be the reason your disposal is leaking water. Before replacing this part, shut off power to the unit. Make sure to properly tighten the mounting flange before continuing to use your garbage disposal.

Tailpipe or Tailpipe Gasket

If your garbage disposal is leaking water near the drain elbow or tailpiece connection, the issue may be the tailpipe gasket. This part is usually made of rubber, and creates a seal between the tailpiece and the body of the disposal. Over time the rubber can break down and cause a leak. To fix your leaking garbage disposal, take off the flange which holds the tailpipe and disposer together and then take off the tailpipe. Take this opportunity to clean the area where the gasket goes, and check for damage to the tailpipe itself. Install the new gasket and make sure all parts are reassembled securely before running the disposal again.

Flex Coupling

If your garbage disposal is leaking from the drain connection, the problem could be the flex coupling. This part is used on some disposal models to connect the drain tailpipe to the unit. This coupling can become damaged over time, causing your garbage disposal to leak water. To replace the coupling, first remove the tailpipe by taking off the clamps which hold it in place. Remove the coupling from the drain chamber. You may need to undo a clip, flange, or screw which holds the coupling in place. Take this opportunity to clean the area where the coupling goes, to ensure a watertight seal. Also check the other parts for signs of damage before installing your new coupling. Run water through the garbage disposal before running it again to make sure it is no longer leaking.

Internal Seal

If your garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom, it’s a sign that an internal seal has failed and is causing the leak. This part is known and a boot or shaft seal, and is placed below the grinding plate to prevent leaks to the motor housing. Certain fibrous foods such as banana peels or corn husks can persist through the grinding chamber and cause damage to the seal. If this seal fails, the entire disposal unit will usually need to be replaced.

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