How to Repair Food Waste Disposer with a Burning Smell

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Motor and Motor Capacitor

If your garbage disposal has a burning smell or is smoking, the motor or motor capacitor may be burnt out. This can mean it is jammed with food waste, or a stubborn object may be stuck in the grinding chamber, leading the motor to overheat. To repair the garbage disposal, first shut off power to the unit. Check the sink opening to see if there is any visible debris that can be removed manually. Use a long object to rotate the grinding plates if you can. Your model may come with a special wrench that allows you to do this from the bottom of the disposal. Once you have cleared the grinding plate, you can turn the unit back on and flush it out with water. If there is no blockage, or the burning smell persists, there may be damage to the motor or motor capacitor. Repairing this problem would normally require replacing the garbage disposal.

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