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Removing and replacing a water filter from your Frigidaire brand refrigerator:

Removing and replacing a water filter - upper back right hand corner

Filters situated in the rear of Frigidaire-built refrigerators are relatively simple to replace. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the freezer door of your side by side refrigerator and leave it open for the duration of the replacement. Locate the icemaker signal arm and place it in the OFF (up) position.
  2. Grasp the filter cup and gently begin to turn it to the left. As you are unscrewing, the filter should come off with the cup. Some water may spill out of the cup as you remove it, but this is entirely normal. If the filter does not come off with the cup, gently pull down on the filter as you twist it from right to left.
  3. Give the filter cup a quick wash by rinsing it out under running water and then dispose of the used filter. There is a black rubber o-ring, about two and a half inches in diameter, inserted in a groove on the inside of the cup. If this o-ring falls out, it can be easily put back in place. If you need or want to order a new o-ring, you can do so here.
  4. Remove the new filter from its packaging and place it in the filter cup. Insert it so that the end with the knob and little black o-ring are facing up, out of the cup. Screw the cup into the housing. As you do so, the filter will maneuver itself into place. Make sure the cup is all the way screwed in, but don't use a filter wrench to screw it in. Do not over tighten.
  5. Replace the icemaker signal arm in the ON (down) position. Pour a glass of water through the dispenser, but do not drink it. Open the refrigerator door and check for leaks. It you find a leak, unscrew the filter cup and reinstall the filter. You may also want to check the o-ring inside the cup to make sure it is correctly in place.
  6. Condition the filter by running water through the dispenser for about three minutes. This will flush the filter of all fine carbon particles.
  7. In some models, you will have to reset the filter status light. It is located on the ice and water dispenser control panel. Push in on it for ten to fifteen seconds until the green, red, and amber lights flash. If your refrigerator model does not have a filter status light, you should make a note on a calendar, or place a month sticker on your filter to remind you to replace the filter again in six month's time.

Note: Replacing this type of filter is a quick process - there is no need to unplug your refrigerator or shut the water off when replacing it. Also, this filter should be replaced every six months.