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CPSC, Warns That Old Servel Gas Refrigerators Still In Use Can Be Deadly

RELEASE DATE July 22 1998
UNITS About 0
HAZARD Over a period of time, especially if the refrigerator has not been used recently, the gas burner can be fouled by dust, dirt, rust or other obstructions. Any gas refrigerator with an improperly adjusted or partially plugged burner can produce substantial amounts of carbon monoxide.
INCIDENTS/INJURIES There have been at least 39 incidents in the U.S. involving these old Servel gas refrigerators, causing 22 carbon monoxide-related deaths and 55 injuries nationwide. There also have been incidents reported in Ontario, Canada, causing 60 deaths
SOLD AT Retailers nationwide .
SOLD DATES Between 1933 and 1957
REMEDY Consumers should call the Servel Corrective Action Committee (SCAC) to receive a rebate package that includes instructions for disposing of their Servel gas refrigerator. Consumers who properly dispose of their old Servels will receive a $100 rebate plus reimbursement for reasonable disposal costs. 
CONSUMER CONTACT Contact Phone: (800) 782-7431
SOURCE U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Recalled Models

Brand NameProduct NameModel NumberSerial Number
ServelGas Refrigerator Any Any
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