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CPSC, Wolf Range Co. Inc. and Wolf Appliance Co. LLC Announce Recall of Gas Ranges

RELEASE DATE October 18 2001
UNITS About 15,000
HAZARD Delayed ignition of gas in the ovens and broilers can put consumers at risk of burn injuries and fires.
DESCRIPTION 30- inch, 36-inch, 48-inch, and 60-inch natural gas and LP ranges -either stainless steel or black steel.
INCIDENTS/INJURIES There have been three incidents of delayed ignition involving these ranges, including two reports of consumers getting their eyebrows singed
SOLD AT Kitchen designers and appliance stores sold these ranges nationwide.
SOLD DATES January 1996 through June 2001
REMEDY Consumers should immediately stop using the oven and broiler on these units and call to arrange for a free in-home repair.
CONSUMER CONTACT Contact Phone: (866) 674-3554
SOURCE U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Recalled Models

Brand NameProduct NameModel NumberSerial Number
WolfGas Range Any 60-10000000 through 60-1099999
WolfGas Range Any 60-10000000 through 60-1099999
WolfGas Range Any 11000957 through 11006106
WolfGas Range Any 11000957 through 11006106
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