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Certain Sears Kenmore Dishwashers May Pose Fire Hazard

RELEASE DATE May 15 1993
BRANDS Kenmore
UNITS About 400,000
HAZARD The problem stems from the possibility of units developing an internal leak that may cause the dishwasher's timer mechanism to short out and overheat. Under certain circumstances, an overheated timer can cause a fire. To correct the problem, a Sears service technician will install new parts and inspect and replace other components as needed in the dishwasher door. Service will be done at no cost to the customer.
INCIDENTS/INJURIES There have been 30 reports of timer failures due to shorting out and overheating. Four units have developed fires resulting in smoke damage to the surrounding countertops and cabinets. 
SOLD AT Sears and other retailers nationwide.
SOLD DATES After February 1990
REMEDY Consumers with affected dishwashers should immediately stop using them and call to arrange for free repair.
CONSUMER CONTACT Contact Phone: (800) 998-8470
SOURCE U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Recalled Models

Brand NameProduct NameModel NumberSerial Number
KenmoreDishwasher 587.140009 All
KenmoreDishwasher 587.140009 All
KenmoreDishwasher 587.151159 14912690492 through 15753461092
KenmoreDishwasher 587.154159 14056531191 through 15764571092
KenmoreDishwasher 587.155159 14056581191 through 15752861092
KenmoreDishwasher 587.157459 13637650991 through 15692691092
KenmoreDishwasher 587.164159 14203401291 through15843721092
KenmoreDishwasher 587.165159 14186181191 through 15556951092
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