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Whirlpool Will Retrofit Below-Counter Dishwashers

RELEASE DATE July 03 1989
BRANDS Whirlpool
UNITS About 3,100,000
HAZARD The pushbutton switch may short-circuit and could cause a fire.
INCIDENTS/INJURIES There have been forty-five reports of fires. Nine of which spread outside the appliance.
SOLD DATES Sold after February, 1986
REMEDY Consumers should not use the appliance. Temporarily turned off the [ower or the dishwasher door left unlatched. Contact Whirlpool to arrange for a free repair.
CONSUMER CONTACT Contact Phone: (800) 541-5746
SOURCE U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Recalled Models

Brand NameProduct NameModel NumberSerial Number
WhirlpoolDishwasher DU7400-O,DU7600XS-0,DU9000XR-0,DU9000XR-1 Any
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