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Amana Recall Of Certain Model Room Air Conditioner Switches

RELEASE DATE April 01 1992
MANUFACTURER Amana Refrigeration, Inc.
UNITS About 130,000
HAZARD Control switch may overheat in the "off" position and cause a fire.
INCIDENTS/INJURIES There have fourteen reports of switch failures. No reports of injuries.
SOLD DATES June 1987 through October 1991
REMEDY Consumer should unplug the product and have the switch replaced. Overheating cannot occur if the unit is unplugged..
CONSUMER CONTACT Contact Phone: (800) 262-3121
SOURCE U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Recalled Models

Brand NameProduct NameModel NumberSerial Number
AmanaAir Conditioner ES1123A 8707011078 to 8806126842
AmanaAir Conditioner ES2183A 8709034615 to 8806086274
AmanaAir Conditioner 12C3A 8808061439 to 9105092687
AmanaAir Conditioner 12C3A 8810098399 to 8811057379
AmanaAir Conditioner 12C3A 8908098339 to 9011051971
AmanaAir Conditioner 12C3B 9106053390 to 9109199032
AmanaAir Conditioner 18C3SA 8810062411 to 9105078912
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