Testing the Bake Element:

Use our step-by-step appliance repair guide to learn how to test your bake element. Once you have diagnosed the problem we have the OEM replacement bake elements that fit your range, or wall oven.

  1. Before repairs or testing can begin you must disconnect the electricity at the fuse panel, at the circuit breaker panel, or by pulling the plug. Make sure the power is off before proceeding. A jolt from 220 volts can be fatal, use caution!
  2. To access the bake element, open the oven door, remove the oven racks and then remove the screws that hold the element in place.
  3. There is normally a small amount of excess wiring attached to the terminals on the element that allow a little room for maneuverability (you may have to tilt the element to get the terminals through the holes). Look for loose or disconnected wires and if there is no sign of burning, reconnect the wiring to the back of the terminal. If a terminal end is damaged, replace it with a terminal end designed specifically for oven use only.
  4. To remove and test the bake element, slide the element forward and remove the wires by removing the screws from the terminals or by pulling wires off the bake element terminals. Remember to label the wires for future reference.
  5. Visually check the entire element for signs of burn.
  6. Test the element for continuity. Using the ohmmeter, set the range scale on R x 1 and place the probes on the element terminals. There should be continuity, with readings ranging from 19 to 115 ohms. Readings will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and according to unit size and the wattage. Be sure to check your manual for the manufacturer's specifications.
  7. If there are any signs of element burning, or if there is no continuity, replace the element.
  8. To test for a grounded bake element, place one probe on the element outer surface and the other on the element terminal. If continuity exists, the element has shorted and should be replaced. Remember to test both terminals.
  9. To install a new back bake element, reverse the disassembly procedures (Step 4 above) and reassemble, being sure to follow the wiring diagram and install wires to the correct terminals.

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