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Popular RCA Appliance Parts

Light Switch – Part Number: WR23X10725
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Light Switch
56 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS8758429
Manufacturer Part Number WR23X10725
The interior light of your refrigerator is controlled by a switch that is activated when the door is opened and closed. If your refrigerator light will not turn on, there could be an issue with the switch. The switch is spring loaded and is a generally closed type of switch meaning there should be no continuity when the button is depressed, and continuity through the switch when the button is not depressed. This plastic, white, OEM switch is sourced directly from the manufacturer, is sold individually and is easy to replace. The repair usually takes less than 15 minutes and requires a flat blade screwdriver and needle nose pliers.
Fixes these symptoms
Fridge too warm
Light not working

Installation Instructions
Jonathan from Lilburn, GA says,

Sticking Light Switch
I applied some tips learned by reading other reviews. So before I started I grabbed my trusty vise grip pliers and a small screw driver. I locked onto the switch actuator, the part that the more

Crisper Drawer Cover – Part Number: WR32X10398
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Crisper Drawer Cover
79 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS890565
Manufacturer Part Number WR32X10398
The crisper drawer cover sits on top of your vegetable crispers and helps to maintain proper crisper temperatures. It also doubles as a sturdy lower shelf for extra storage in your refrigerator. If the drawer cover is damaged or cracked, it will not be able to do either of its jobs, and should be replaced. This replacement cover features shallow, wide grooves to prevent leaks and to catch spills. It also has rail brackets underneath to hold the drawer, allowing the drawer to slide in and out. It is made with some added structural rigidity that makes it stronger and more durable than the original. This model measures 24 1/2 inches long x 19 inches wide x 2 5/8 inches deep.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t open or close

Installation Instructions
Kim from Bronx, NY says,

Vegetable pan cover broke down the middle
When the cover came to my apartment, I crossed my fingers that the piece would fit . Well, within 5 minutes the old cover was out and the new cover in. And it looks better than new! Finally, more

Light Socket – Part Number: WR2X9391
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Light Socket
15 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS299782
Manufacturer Part Number WR2X9391
This part is a replacement light socket for your refrigerator. It connects to the power source, and holds the light bulb. If the light in your refrigerator is not working, you could have a faulty socket. It is important to determine if the light bulb is simply burned out, or if the socket is causing the issue. Be sure to disconnect your refrigerator from the power source before you begin this repair. This socket is black in color and is sold individually. This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Fixes these symptoms
Light not working

Installation Instructions
Christian from Kearneysville, WV says,

No power to the fan and compressor
I have a fridge in my garage. I have found that a glass of ice water or a cold drink outside is very important to me. When I discovered melting ice dripping onto the garage floor I was very upset. more

Freezer Door Gasket – Part Number: WR24X10228
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Freezer Door Gasket
10 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS2364915
Manufacturer Part Number WR24X10228
This white door gasket is used to seal the freezer door when closed.
Fixes these symptoms
Door Sweating
Door won’t open or close
Freezer section too warm

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Installation Instructions
Thomas from key west, FL says,

Freezer door gasket was torn and loose.
Unplugged refrigerator.Checked that new gasket was the right size for freezer.Opened freezer door and lifted inside edge to access screw's. Loosened top screw's and screw's half way down each side more

Fresh Food Door Gasket - White – Part Number: WR24X10231
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Fresh Food Door Gasket - White
2 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS2359946
Manufacturer Part Number WR24X10231
This fresh food door gasket is used to seal the refrigerator door when closed to keep the cool air inside and the room air out.
Fixes these symptoms
Door Sweating
Door won’t open or close
Fridge too warm

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Installation Instructions
Jerry from Whitewright, TX says,

Door gasket was torn at bottom from food residue
When I did the repair,fortunate for me, a nice repairman was fixing my dishwasher. He said to put the new gasket in the dryer, while I removed the old one, to make it pliable and aid in sealing. I more

Bake Element – Part Number: WB44K5012
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Bake Element
60 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS249247
Manufacturer Part Number WB44K5012
At the floor of your electric oven is the bake element. This partially open-style element comes with push-on terminals. The bake element will likely provide most of the heat for baking. Therefore, if the oven is not heating properly, or if food is burnt on top and undercooked below, your bake element may be at fault. If you can see that the element has been separated or blistered, you should replace the part immediately. If there is no visible damage, turn the oven on and check to see if the element heats evenly. If the element is not heating evenly, or if it is not heating at all, use a multi-meter to test for electrical continuity to see if the element needs replacing.
Fixes these symptoms
Element will not heat
Little to no heat when baking
Little to no heat when broiling

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Installation Instructions
Timothy from Cordova, TN says,

Bake element cracked on its own
Flipped the breaker. Removed shelf, Find the right size nut socket, unscrew the two screws, pull the element out a little bit, disconnect the wires (on pretty tight), pull out element, clean out more

Stationary Wire Shelf – Part Number: WR71X10378
Your Price
Stationary Wire Shelf
6 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS305409
Manufacturer Part Number WR71X10378
This part is the replacement stationary wire shelf for your refrigerator. It is white in color and is approximately 24 1/2 inches by 14 3/8 inches. The stationary wire shelf rests on grooves in the refrigerator side wall and allows you to store food. The reason you would want to change out this shelf, is if it is bent, broken, or missing. This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer and is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Hollis from Daphne, AL says,

Neeed extra shelves for new purchased refrigerator
Simple install. more

Evaporator Fan Blade Kit – Part Number: WR60X114
Your Price
Evaporator Fan Blade Kit
5 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS304684
Manufacturer Part Number WR60X114
Fixes these symptoms
Fridge too warm

Installation Instructions
Keith from Fort Worth, TX says,

Noisey fan/motor (bad motor bearing ?)
Removed 2 phillips head screws to remove ice maker (could have just loosened them)
Pulled fan off of shaft
Removed 2 phillips head screws on motor bracket , disconnected three motor wires & more

Door Shelf Retainer Bar End Cap - Left or Right Side – Part Number: WR2X8345
Your Price
Door Shelf Retainer Bar End Cap - Left or Right Side
14 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS298977
Manufacturer Part Number WR2X8345
This end cap is sold individually. It can be used for the right or left side of either the freezer or refrigerator door shelves.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Angela from Minneapolis, MN says,

Door Retainer Bar and End Caps were missing
Placed bar into end caps and slide end caps into slots in the door. Took about 1 minute! Very easy! more

Compressor Start Relay – Part Number: WR07X26748
Your Price
Compressor Start Relay
3 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS11766700
Manufacturer Part Number WR07X26748
This part is the replacement compressor start relay for your refrigerator. It is made of black plastic and is approximately 1 ¼ inches long and 1 inch wide. The compressor start relay attaches to the compressor and helps to start the compressor motor. If the compressor will not start, or if your refrigerator or freezer is too warm, you may need to replace the compressor start relay. This part is sold individually. It is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Fixes these symptoms
Clicking sound
Freezer section too warm
Fridge too warm

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Installation Instructions
Sam from Cooper City, AL says,

Freezer & Frig Were Not Cold
First I removed the rear cover, located at the bottom of the refrigerator. Then I cleaned out the dirt & dust on and around the compressor. The relay has a cover, that is secured with a spring more

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