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PartSelect Number PS8754364

Manufacturer Part Number WB18X21016

Manufactured by GE


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General Electric.
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Mark from LAND O LAKES, FL
Difficulty Level:
Really Easy
Total Repair Time:
Less than 15 mins
Pliers, Screw drivers
Parts Used:
WB24X21030, WB18X21016
Microwave wouldn't turn on/no power
Steps were straight forward.
Remove the trim between the microwave and the cabinet.
Disconnect the microwave from the cabinet
Unplug the microwave
Remove the microwave from the cabinet
Remove the screws in the back of the microwave in order to remove the cover
Remove the microwave cabinet cover
Using needle nose pliers, disconnect wire from the fuse (on top of the microwave)
Remove the one screw holding the fuse down (Phillips head)
Replace the fuse
Reconnect the wires

For this repair, the fuse actually melted the connector for one of the wires. As such, the wire needed to be replaced and it was part of the microwave's wiring harness, so I replaced the entire harness. To do so,

Starting at the one top end of the harness, replace the individual connections by disconnecting the original wire connection and putting on the new connection one at a time, making sure to verify that the wire colors match for each connection.
Go sequentially
The hardest connection to do is the bottommost (last connection) that connects on the bottom middle of the microwave. To access the connection, you need to open the access panel on the bottom of the microwave (It is stamped and tin snips are needed to cut the tabs to free up 3 sides - the 4th one acts as the hinge).

After the last connection is made, plug the microwave in and test it to make sure its working. Once test is complete:
Reattach the cover
Put the microwave back into the cabinet; plug it in
Reconnect the frame
Reattach the cabinet trim
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PartSelect Number: PS8754364
Manufacturer Part Number: WB18X21016
Model Number
General Electric
General Electric
General Electric
Microwave - MICROWAVE
General Electric
Microwave - MICROWAVE
General Electric
Microwave - MICROWAVE
General Electric
Microwave - MICROWAVE
General Electric
General Electric
Microwave - MICROWAVE
General Electric
General Electric