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651676-1-S-GE-WD12X10057        -Main Conduit
651676-1-S-GE-WD12X10057        -Main Conduit 651676-2-S-GE-WD12X10057        -Main Conduit https://www.partselect.com/Schematics/GE/00125643i02.gif

Main Conduit

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PartSelect Number PS651676
Manufacturer Part Number WD12X10057
Manufactured by GE

Also known as Upper Wash Supply Tube. This part brings water from your main water line the wash arms.

This part works with the following brands: General Electric, Hotpoint.

This part works with the following products: Dishwasher.

This part fixes the following symptoms:

  • Not cleaning dishes properly.
  • Leaking.

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Parts Used:
  • Main Conduit
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Time to do repair: 15 - 30 mins
Tools: Screw drivers, Socket set
Customer: Walter from Maple Grove, MN

Growling/vibration noise during the wash cycle.

Hint on determining if the Main Conduit is the cause. Place a tapered flat piece of wood (wooden spatula) between the Main Conduit and rear of the dishwasher wall and remove any excess play.
Run the wash cycle and determine if the noise goes away or is reduced.

Removal and Replacement of the Main Conduit Assembly:
Opened the Dishwasher door and removed the lower and upper basket.
The upper basket required the two rubber gourmets on the front of the rail to be removed by inserting a flat bladed screwdriver between the top of white farthest tab towards the rear of the dishwasher of the rack slide end cap (PS2370502 – Item 652) and twist the screwdriver while gently pushing the top of the tab towards the rear of the dishwasher and gently pulling on the end cap (The rear tab needs to clear the upper rack slide).
Repeat this process on the other upper rack slide and remove the upper rack assembly.

Using a ¼ inch socket driver, remove the Main Conduit (PS651676 Item 585) screw located in the back of the Dishwasher wall and the screw from the upper spray arm (PS260547 Item 570) located on the roof of the unit.
Remover the lower Spray arm by gently pulling up and turning it counter clockwise.
Remove the fine filter hub nut (PS259078 item 454 ) by turning it counter clockwise and the fine filter (PS259068 item 452) The fine filter has a small tube going into the bottom of the dishwasher base that should be removed at the same time of the filter. Be sure to position it correctly when it is reassembled.
There is also a small stainless washer in the bottom of the fine filter housing. Take care not to loose it during the assembly and disassebly process

Remove the Main Conduit from the plastic assembly in the drain of the dishwasher by turning it counter clockwise. (Note, the new Main Conduit Assembly comes with this part pre assembled). Remove the same plastic piece from the new Main Conduit assembly by carefully lifting the clip on it.
Install the new piece back in the drain and tighten just prior to being pointed toward the back of the dishwasher.
Reassemble the Main Conduit to the drain piece and tighten it the remainder of the way and reassemble all parts in the reverse order they were removed.

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Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS651676
Manufacturer Part Number: WD12X10057
Brand Model Number Description
General Electric4071120Dishwasher
General Electric4071520Dishwasher
General Electric4071620Dishwasher
General ElectricCDW9380N00SSDishwasher - GE CAFE
General ElectricCDW9380N20SSDishwasher
General ElectricCDWT280V00SSDishwasher
General ElectricCDWT980R10SSDishwasher
General ElectricCDWT980R30SSDishwasher
General ElectricCDWT980V00SSDishwasher
General ElectricEDW4000G00BBDishwasher
General ElectricEDW4000G00CCDishwasher
General ElectricEDW4000G00WWDishwasher
General ElectricEDW4000G02BBDishwasher
General ElectricEDW4000G02CCDishwasher
General ElectricEDW4000G02WWDishwasher
General ElectricEDW4000G03BBDishwasher
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General ElectricEDW4000G03WWDishwasher
General ElectricEDW4000G10BBDishwasher
General ElectricEDW4000G10CCDishwasher
General ElectricEDW4000G10WWDishwasher
General ElectricEDW4060G00SSDishwasher
General ElectricEDW4060G02SSDishwasher
General ElectricEDW4060G03SSDishwasher
General ElectricEDW4060G10SSDishwasher
General ElectricEDW5000L00BBDishwasher
General ElectricEDW5000L00CCDishwasher
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General ElectricEDW5000L15BBDishwasher
General ElectricEDW5000L15CCDishwasher