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PartSelect Number PS403334
Manufacturer Part Number 9754006
Manufactured by Whirlpool

This part works with the following brands: KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Inglis.

This part works with the following products: Range.

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Parts Used:
Level of Difficulty: A Bit Difficult
Time to do repair: 15 - 30 mins
Tools: Wrench set
Customer: Gloria from Melbourne, FL

Inner oven door shattered during cooking.

First, layed tape across all broken glass to keep glass from shattering more and releasing more bits of glass. Pull up and out the oven door. Had table set aside covered with an old sheet to lay door on, After laying door on table, Removed outer screws. Needed phillips #2 & #3 tip widths and electric screwdriver, for inner screws that where difficult to remove. Making notes of what came off first! ( (rt & left, bottom,/top) when removing metal frame braces, and in what order they go in when reassembled . Did the same with screws & set them aside in groups. Then marked the groups of screws. Removed the metal door panel. Carefully removed the in between panel of glass. Set Outer glass aside along with metal "door"and inner door glass,and proped them up in a safe place. Carefully removed the broken & shattered inside glass wearing rubber gloves. Had a garbage can next to the table to with news paper to wrap glass. Cleaned area. Replaced glass taking care not to tighted screws so much as to break the glass. Put added insulation.(Whcih was not the same as in diagram), around the edge. put back the inner glass panel, care not to leave prints, tighten screw ( care not to break glass) Cleaned the door sides and bottom, all had alot of grease buildup.
Put back the metal door portion. Cleaned the outer glass door front and back. Being careful not to break it (or leave prints inside). Replaced the side and bottom metal frames. Wiped it down and put door back on stove.

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Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS403334
Manufacturer Part Number: 9754006
Brand Model Number Description
WhirlpoolGJP84201Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGJP84202Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGJP84801Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGJP84802Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGJP84901Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGJP84902Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGJP85201Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGJP85202Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGJP85801Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGJP85802Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGJSP84901Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGJSP84902Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGLP84200Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGLP84800Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGLP84900Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGLP85200Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGLP85800Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGLP85900Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGLSP84900Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGLSP85900Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGR450LXHB0Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGR450LXHB2Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGR450LXHQ0Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGR450LXHQ2Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGR450LXHT2Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGR450LXLB0Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGR450LXLQ0Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGR450LXLS0Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGR450LXLT0Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolGR556LRKB0Range - Refrigerated REFRIGERATION/