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PartSelect Number PS3521457
Manufacturer Part Number 3720A10112A
Manufactured by LG

This part works with the following brands: LG.

This part works with the following products: Air Conditioner.

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Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS3521457
Manufacturer Part Number: 3720A10112A
Brand Model Number Description
LG851067Air Conditioner
LGHBLG1453EAir Conditioner - MFG number AWYAUSH, Air Conditioner
LGHBLG1803RAir Conditioner
LGL1804RAir Conditioner - ROOM A/C
LGL1810ERAir Conditioner
LGLW1510ERAir Conditioner
LGLW1511ERAir Conditioner
LGLW1512ERSAir Conditioner
LGLW1810ERAir Conditioner
LGLW1811ERAir Conditioner
LGLW1811ERY1Air Conditioner
LGLW1812ERSAir Conditioner
LGLW2510ERAir Conditioner
LGLW2511ERAir Conditioner
LGLW2511ERY1Air Conditioner
LGLW2512ERAir Conditioner
LGLWHD1450ERAir Conditioner - ROOM A/C
LGLWHD1500ERAir Conditioner - ROOM A/C
LGLWHD1800RAir Conditioner - ROOM A/C
LGLWHD2500ERAir Conditioner
LGLWHD2500ERY9Air Conditioner
LGRAD-183BAWYAHCIAir Conditioner
LGRADS-253AAir Conditioner