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PartSelect Number PS3406247
Manufacturer Part Number WR49X10211
Manufactured by GE

This part is an authentic GE drawer divider kit. It contains both the divider itself, as well as two mounting screws. It fits into your refrigerator to separate the drawer. It is made mainly of plastic and is designed to work with your GE refrigerator/freezer.

This part works with the following brands: General Electric.

This part works with the following products: Refrigerator.

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Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS3406247
Manufacturer Part Number: WR49X10211
Brand Model Number Description
General ElectricCFCP1NIXASSRefrigerator
General ElectricCFCP1NIXBSSRefrigerator
General ElectricCFCP1NIXCSSRefrigerator
General ElectricCFCP1NIYASSRefrigerator
General ElectricCFCP1NIYCSSRefrigerator
General ElectricCFCP1NIZASSRefrigerator
General ElectricCFCP1NIZBSSRefrigerator
General ElectricCFCP1NIZCSSRefrigerator
General ElectricCFCP1NIZDSSRefrigerator
General ElectricCFCP1NIZESSRefrigerator
General ElectricCFCP1ZIYASSRefrigerator
General ElectricCFCP1ZIYCSSRefrigerator
General ElectricGFCE1NFBADSSRefrigerator
General ElectricPDCE1NBWADBBRefrigerator - Bottom Mount
General ElectricPDCE1NBWADSSRefrigerator - Bottom Mount
General ElectricPDCE1NBWADWWRefrigerator - Bottom Mount
General ElectricPDCE1NBWAJSSRefrigerator
General ElectricPDCE1NBWBDBBRefrigerator
General ElectricPDCE1NBWBDSSRefrigerator
General ElectricPDCE1NBWBDWWRefrigerator
General ElectricPDCE1NBWBJSSRefrigerator
General ElectricPDCE1NBWCDBBRefrigerator
General ElectricPDCE1NBWCDSSRefrigerator
General ElectricPDCE1NBWCDWWRefrigerator
General ElectricPDCE1NBWCJSSRefrigerator
General ElectricPDCE1NBYADBBRefrigerator
General ElectricPDCE1NBYADSSRefrigerator
General ElectricPDCE1NBYADWWRefrigerator
General ElectricPDCE1NBYAJSSRefrigerator
General ElectricPDCE1NBYCDBBRefrigerator