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267926-1-S-GE-WE4M181           -Cycling Thermostat - 4 Wire
267926-1-S-GE-WE4M181           -Cycling Thermostat - 4 Wire 267926-2-S-GE-WE4M181           -Cycling Thermostat - 4 Wire https://www.partselect.com/Schematics/GE/00107264i04.gif

Cycling Thermostat - 4 Wire

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PartSelect Number PS267926
Manufacturer Part Number WE4M181
Manufactured by GE

This thermostat helps to regulate the dryer's internal temperature. L210-30F

This part works with the following brands: General Electric, Hotpoint.

This part works with the following products: Dryer, Washer Dryer Combo.

This part fixes the following symptoms:

  • No heat or not enough heat.
  • Too hot.
  • Takes too long to dry.
  • Shuts off too soon.
  • Will not shut off.

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My dryer is not drying after electric problem in the house and the back panel show a hole 1" x1/2" burned aroud right where the safety label is do you think i'll be able to fix everythin work exept no heat the air is cold all the time. What should i do to repair.

LUIS ADIEL BATRES for model number DPSR610EG8WT

Hi Luis, Thank you for your inquiry. There are some parts that you will need to check to see which one is causing the issue. You will need to check the cycling thermostat, the duct felt seal, the high limit thermostat, the drum bearing slides, the bias thermostat, the mica heating and housing assembly, the drive belt, the front drum bearing and the safety thermostat. I hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day!

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My dryer doesn't heat on "auto cottons" main dial setting. The "auto perma press" dial setting does heat (seems almost too hot, but I don't know it could just be me). The "fabric care" setting is turned to "cottons reg heat". Which part would you recommend?

Jackie for model number dwsr475ey0ww

Hi Jackie, Thank you for the question. I suggest replacing the Cycling Thermostat.This thermostat helps to regulate the dryer's internal temperature during the cycles. When defective the dryer can over heat on some cycles or not heat up at all. Hope this helps!

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My dryer works perfectly but no heat. How to i troubleshoot it to see which part it is. Looks like there are a couple different options.

SOLLIE for model number NVLR333EE0WW

Hi Sollie, Thank you for your question. I would first suggest testing your thermal fuse and your thermostats. Then I would suggest testing your heating element and your door switch. You can test all of those parts with a multi meter. I hope that helps. Good luck with your repair.

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My washer has stopped working the lights that say what cycle it's on are flashing but the washer isn't functioning.I've tried to reset the system but that hasn't worked.What do you think it may be?

Zachary for model number GTUP270EM1WW

Hello Zachary, thank you for contacting us. It sounds like the control board may be faulty. You may want to have that part replaced to correct the issue. Good luck with the repair!

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The dryer works normally with medium heat at all times. But when the heat setting is on "cottons regular heat" the dryer stops after about 10-15 minutes. It will then not run in any mode for about 10-20 minutes. Then after it cools down it will run normally on medium heat. Sounds like a thermostat? Help with recommended replacement parts would be great. The dryer exhaust path is clear.

Richard for model number DBSR463EG7WW

Hi Richard, Thank you for your question. That would be my first thought as well. Check your thermostats to see if they are working correctly. They would be the most likely culprits that would cause this issue. You can test these parts with a multi meter. I hope that helps. Good luck with your repair.


Hi, I am unsure of which part to get. All I can say is that my dryer does not dry. No heat at all. Hoping you can tell me what part I may need, Thank you

Barbara for model number DVLR223EG7WW

Hi Barbara, Thank you for the question, I suggest checking the element first to see if there is any damage to the coils(burn marks or broken coils). If the coil looks fine then you will need to test the thermostats with a Ohm meter to check for continuity and see what part is defective. The High Limit Thermostat,PartSelect Number PS267900 is the most common thermostat to go when there is no heat at all. Hope this helps!


My dryer starts and shuts off in about 20 seconds. Do you have any suggestions?

Frank for model number GTDP180GDOWW

Hello Frank, thank you for contacting us. That does sound like it could be the thermostat. It prevents the heating element from getting too hot, if this part is faulty it could send readings that it is too hot when hardly any heat is coming out. Hope this helps!

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Parts Used:
  • Cycling Thermostat - 4 Wire
Level of Difficulty: Really Easy
Time to do repair: 1- 2 hours
Tools: Nutdriver, Screw drivers
Customer: David from Auburn, MA

Dryer would get very hot and then turn off

It was actually my father, he doesn't use the internet. He thought that because the dyer got real hot and then shut off he thought the thermostat wasn't working and the high temp shutoff was okay. He went through the manual and found the part and took it out. He called the service number but they wanted $50 dollars plus shipping. I saw it was a Thermo-disc part so I tried the manufacture's website but I couldn't match the numbers on the back to their part numbers. I tried several other sites and your site was the cheapest. It was real easy to use the web site and diagrams to find the right schematic and part. I ordered it online and it was delivered in 2 days with the regular shipping. When he first put it in the dyer didn't turn on. He found no power coming out of the timer so he cleaned the contacts and it worked. Thanks for making the ordering so easy.

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Parts Used:
Level of Difficulty: A Bit Difficult
Time to do repair: 1- 2 hours
Tools: Screw drivers
Customer: Gary from MARTINEZ, GA

Dryer overheat & shutoff

I reviewed the video instructions on the website; these were invaluable to understand the task. Since the dryer drum had to be removed to replace the thermostat, it was prudent to replace the drive belt at disassembly. Great job on the videos to see the extra effort required to install the new belt around the tensioner pulley while supporting the drum. I will use this site again when a need arises, because they are quick to ship the ordered part(s) and help the DIY handyman make repairs via the videos.

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Parts Used:
  • Cycling Thermostat - 4 Wire
Level of Difficulty: Really Easy
Time to do repair: 30 - 60 mins
Tools: Screw drivers
Customer: Howard from COVENTRY, RI

Overheats,(timer doesn't move) on auto cycles, works ok on time dry.

Replaced cycle thermostat.

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Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS267926
Manufacturer Part Number: WE4M181
Brand Model Number Description
General ElectricBWXR473ET5AADryer - Electric
General ElectricBWXR473ET5WWDryer - Electric
General ElectricBWXR473EV0AADryer - Electric
General ElectricBWXR473EV0WWDryer - Electric
General ElectricBWXR473GT0WWDryer - Gas
General ElectricBWXR473GT2WWDryer - Gas
General ElectricBWXR473GT3WWDryer - Gas
General ElectricBWXR473GT5AADryer - Gas
General ElectricBWXR473GT5WWDryer - Gas
General ElectricDBB3300EA0AADryer - Electric
General ElectricDBB3300EA0WWDryer - Electric
General ElectricDBB3300EA1AADryer - Electric
General ElectricDBB3300EA1WWDryer - Electric
General ElectricDBB3300GA0AADryer - Gas
General ElectricDBB3300GA0WWDryer - Gas
General ElectricDBB3300GA1AADryer - Gas
General ElectricDBB3300GA1WWDryer - Gas
General ElectricDBB3300GA2AADryer - Gas
General ElectricDBB3300GA2WWDryer - Gas
General ElectricDBB5000EF0GGDryer - Electric
General ElectricDBB5000GF0GGDryer - Gas
General ElectricDBB5000GF1GGDryer - Gas
General ElectricDBLR333EE0CCDryer - Electric
General ElectricDBLR333EE0WWDryer - Electric
General ElectricDBLR333EE1CCDryer - Electric
General ElectricDBLR333EE1WWDryer - Electric
General ElectricDBLR333EE2CCDryer - Electric
General ElectricDBLR333EE2WWDryer - Electric
General ElectricDBLR333EG0CCDryer - Electric
General ElectricDBLR333EG0WWDryer - Electric