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239740-1-S-GE-WB27X10597        -Diode
239740-1-S-GE-WB27X10597        -Diode https://www.partselect.com/Schematics/GE/00123223i01.gif


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PartSelect Number PS239740
Manufacturer Part Number WB27X10597
Manufactured by GE

This part allows power to go one way only.

This part works with the following brands: General Electric, Kenmore, Hotpoint.

This part works with the following products: Microwave, Microwave Oven Combo, Wall Oven.

This part fixes the following symptoms:

  • No heat.

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Where is the diode located, and does the unit need to be did cared before i attempt it?

Wayne for model number JVM1730DP2BB

Hi Wayne, Thank you for your inquiry. You will have to make sure that the appliance is unplugged before starting your repair. Be aware that the high voltage capacitor in your appliance may still retain a charge even after being unplugged. It is recommended that an experienced professional should handle the internal electrical parts inside of your microwave. You will have to remove the Vent Grille and the outer control panel so that you can get to the little metal grille that covers the top right hand area where your diode is. This is where you have to be extremely careful as the diode is very close to the high voltage capacitor. To avoid getting shocked you can use a part of needle nose pliers but ONLY if they have an insulated handle. You can touch the metal part to the high voltage capacitor to release any held charge. Be very careful not to touch any of the metal as you are doing this. If you feel that you are not able to do a repair like this, I do recommend that you call a technician. Once you have made sure the area is safe for you to work, you can then unscrew the diode from it's place and then replace it with your new one. I hope this helps you!

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My microwave will not heat. Where is the diode located on this model?

Richard for model number JVM6175SF1SS

Hi Richard, Thank you for the question. In order to get to the Diode you will need to remove the cabinet of the microwave. Once it is removed you can look at the top right hand side just above the control and the Diode will be located there. Hope this helps!

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My microwave quit heating up and is now louder than normal. Could this be the diode?

John for model number JVM1850SM4SS

Ho John, Thank you for the question. I would definitely start with the Diode.This part allows power to go one way only and when defective the Magnetron will not create heat. If this did not fix the issue then the Magnetron, PartSelect Number PS1019593 will need to be replaced. Hope this helps!

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Our microwave turns on and the timer counts down, but there is no heat and the turntable won't rotate. If i slam the door, then it works for a while. However, this does not work now either. Could you tell me what parts i need to repair our microwave?

Todd for model number PVM1870SM3SS

Hi Todd, Thank you for your question. I would suggest testing the micro switches in your door. Because you had to slam your door to get the appliance to work at one point in time, those seem to be the most likely problem. You could also check your fuse and your diode as well. If all of those parts are checking out fine, it may be your magnetron that is the issue. Good luck with your repair.


Microwave will not turn on,no clock,no light,has power changed circuit breaker. It just went out

Beth for model number JVM1950SR1SS

Hi Beth, Thank you for your inquiry. There are some parts that you will need to check to see which one is causing the issue. You will need to check the control panel and touchpad, the electronic control board, the diode and the thermostat and the door switches. I hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day!


G.E. Microwave built may 2014 so out of warranty. For a few weeks now sometimes it would heat the water for coffee and sometimes it would not, but just yesterday when you press a button to turn it on, there is a crackling - popping noise. I have no idea if it will stop or cause other conditions because i quickly hit the off button. Can you advise what might be the cause and what part i might need to fix it? Thank you.

Jim for model number JVM6172DF1WW

Hello Jim, thank you for contacting us. That sounds like a faulty magnetron. That is what produces the microwaves. It is also recommended to change the diode as well. ** Note** Working on microwaves can be dangerous, you will need to discharge the capacitor before taking it apart. Hope this helps!

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Is this the correct diode for my model?

Rafael for model number JVM7195SF1SS

Hi Rafael, Thank you for your inquiry. This would be the correct part for your model number. Good luck with your repair.

Installation Instructions Provided by PartSelect customers like you.

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Parts Used:
  • Diode
Level of Difficulty: Really Easy
Time to do repair: Less than 15 mins
Tools: Screw drivers
Customer: Theodore from Medical Lake, WA

Not working as far as heating or cooking

Replaced High Voltage Diode. Very carfully due to the extream danger of a electrical shock.

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Parts Used:
  • Diode
Level of Difficulty: Really Easy
Time to do repair: 30 - 60 mins
Tools: Pliers, Screw drivers
Customer: William from LAKE ELSINORE, CA

Microwave wasn't heating up foods

Per instructions on part select.com website. But needs further repair because still doesn't heat food and pad is partially disabled.

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Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS239740
Manufacturer Part Number: WB27X10597
Brand Model Number Description
Kenmore91146392300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91146393300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91146394300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91146399300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147792200Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147792201Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147792202Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147793200Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147793201Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147793202Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147794200Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147794201Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147794202Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147799200Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147799201Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147799202Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147812200Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147812202Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147813200Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147813202Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147814200Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147814202Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147819200Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91147819202Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91149222300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91149223300Microwave Oven Combo