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2354082-1-S-GE-WH38X10017-Shaft and Mode Shifter Assembly
2354082-1-S-GE-WH38X10017-Shaft and Mode Shifter Assembly https://www.partselect.com/Schematics/GE/00123865i04.gif

Shaft and Mode Shifter Assembly

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PartSelect Number PS2354082
Manufacturer Part Number WH38X10017
Manufactured by GE

Also known as the gearcase or transmission. This part helps move the agitator back and forth during the wash cycle. New shifter mounting holes Are NOT threaded, use original self tapping screws to install new part.

This part works with the following brands: General Electric, Hotpoint.

This part works with the following products: Washer.

This part fixes the following symptoms:

  • Noisy.
  • Will not agitate.

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Washer won't spin or agitate. My switch and my belt are good. ..my bands are good. Took cover panel off and turned belt by hand and tub spins as I move belt. Ran washer with cover off and shaft that belt wraps around off motor is not spinning. What's the problem?

Rob for model number WPRE6150K2WT

Hi Rob, Thank you for your inquiry. If the shaft of your motor is not moving, you will need to replace your motor. Good luck with your repair.

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I have a washer that I am unable to spin the transmission by hand.Washer will fill with water and drain no problem but will not agitate or spin. I replaced the transmission on this washer a couple years ago and was hoping that wasn't the issue again. Any advice you have for me?

Jeremy for model number WHRE5550K2WW

Hi Jeremy, Thank you for the question. With the information you have provided it does sound like there is an issue with the Shaft and Mode Shifter Assembly and it would need to be replaced.Good luck with the repair!

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Washer will not spin or agitate. When turn machine on will fill and drain but will not agitate or spin. There is a humming noise from the motor.I can turn the belt by hand and the tub turns.

Nikki for model number WPRE8150H1WT

Hi Nikki, Thank you for the question. This sounds like the appliance it not going through the cycles properly. The timer on this model is built in with the Control Board,PartSelect Number PS2340045 and the board would need to be replaced. Hope this helps!

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Washer makes grinding noise during agitating

Len for model number WJRR4170G2WW

Hi Len, Thank you for the question. I suggest removing the Agitator and look up inside to see if there is any visible damage. While the agitator is removed you can look at the Agitator Coupling,PartSelect Number PS1482517. This coupling fits and works with the ribs of the agitator and if they are damaged or wore down you can get the grinding noise. There is also a split ring and bearing that can cause a grinding noise if damaged. Hope this helps!


I found broken pieces of metal in my load of wash.

Jim for model number PTWN6050M0WT

Hi Jim, Thank you for your inquiry. If you are finding pieces of metal in your clothing it sounds like either the split ring, tub bearing or the tub seal are wearing down and pieces are breaking off. You will need to check your washer to see what is causing the issue. I hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day!


Washer has been making a shuttering / groulling noise, and now has a slow leak coming through the shaft shifter assembly.

Brad for model number WHRE5550K2WW

Hi Brad, Thank you for the question. The first thing we recommend you check is the Tub Seal, this part can wear down over time and can cause leaking and the noises you are experiencing. Hope this helps!

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Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS2354082
Manufacturer Part Number: WH38X10017
Brand Model Number Description
General Electric57751H3WWWasher
General ElectricEWA5600G0WWWasher
General ElectricEWA5600G1WWWasher
General ElectricEWA5600G2WWWasher
General ElectricEWA5600G3WWWasher
General ElectricEWA5600K0WWWasher
General ElectricEWA5600K1WWWasher
General ElectricEWA5600K2WWWasher
General ElectricEWA5600K3WWWasher
General ElectricGBSR3140H4WWWasher
General ElectricGBSR3140H5WWWasher
General ElectricGBSR3140H6WWWasher
General ElectricGBSR3140H7WWWasher
General ElectricGBSR3140H8WWWasher
General ElectricGCAP1000M2WWWasher
General ElectricGCSR2090H6WWWasher
General ElectricGCWN3000M1WSWasher
General ElectricGCWN3000M2WSWasher
General ElectricGCWN5050M0WSWasher
General ElectricGCWN5050M1WSWasher
General ElectricGCWP1000M2WWWasher
General ElectricGCWP1005M2CCWasher
General ElectricGFSR3110H0WWWasher
General ElectricGFSR3110H1WWWasher
General ElectricGFSR3110H2WWWasher
General ElectricGFSR3110H3WWWasher
General ElectricGFSR3110H4WWWasher
General ElectricGFSR3110H5WWWasher
General ElectricGFSR3110H6WWWasher
General ElectricGHDRE527H0WWWasher